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Opening Act

I want to introduce you to Martin Geddes. Martin is a somewhat posh English twit (I say that sotto voce), who once had a very popular post on Medium (remember our pal Ev Williams). As a result his account was taken down.

The post itself is worth a recap.   We are moving into a more active phase of this experience, but first a little segue…

A friend on Twitter posed a question recently, to me (and one other person you might know).

When is Q coming back? 


The question was predicated on the belief that Q was somehow “gone” because 8Chan was taken down. 8Chan was a focal point for Q drops (Clues, insights, ideas).

Within the question were a number of layers of simple wrongheadedness, but a key element was that Clifford thought we had more to find out, when in fact “we already have it all.

The catch phrase for Q is WWG1WGA – “where we go one we go all.” By definition then,  if WE have it all, you have it all (or at least the minimum mission level info you need). It also comes together in the form of future proves past. As events unfold they add proof that information was correct when published.

The information we already have lays out a campaign. It is a fully articulated set of events, sequences and waypoints, in a plan of battle. The only thing it doesn’t give is exact dates.


A while back I joined a site called  I was immediately attacked by hostile natives. It was interesting to note that they had built a little haven for themselves to “decode” the words of Q, a bunch of Q cultist flagellating themselves into ecstasy over their secret knowledge (becoming what you most despise).  You might see a similar myopic focus in Clifford’s question, exactly the opposite of what is intended: being directed, lead and “controlled by devices” of all kinds. Replacing one false god with another (how excellently sheepy), changing from being told what to do by mass media to mini media.

“Which is better – to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?” A variation of the quote is spoken by Mel Gibson in The Patriot.”


At root, the Q process is designed to teach a person to research for themselves, then act, based on improved knowledge. The facts are in plain sight. The primary mission is to pass the media blockade. As I’ve noted: we are all publishers now.

Military intelligence is not looking for “social media” followers or “researchers,” they already have the best and the best computers money can buy. What they need are “force multipliers,” literally the network effect.

They’ve given us a map and co-ordinates, sent us an instructor, made us battle ready. Equipped us with the ammunition we need. The job of the instructor is done. We have a fully stocked arsenal. It’s time to march forward into the known unknown. 

One of the tasks of a military is to build physical fitness to perform role functions under pressure.  What the Q team knows is that we will be sent into contested territory. The ground under foot is treacherous, Google will misdirect you. Others will shout you down. Your mental strength will be tested just as much as your stamina and resolve.

In short Q is not your “daddy,” he is a drill instructor.

These are battles for hearts and minds (souls). This is an information war.

” …we are witnessing right now one of the greatest communications events in history.”Martin Geddes

He introduces the key focus here…

If I am correct (and many share my view), then it portends the imminent collapse of trust in all mass media services and social media platforms. That is because they are implicated in systemic, widespread and longstanding organised crime—that also encompasses much of our political and financial system.

Remember this was originally posted by a Brit, not an American, in July of 2018. How did he know then what is happening this week in 2019?

Given how Q has consistently and accurately predicted major and minor world events, the last bullet above should grab your attention. The catch-22 the media faces is that Q accuses them of complicity to cover up treason, sedition, human trafficking, widespread corruption, false flag terrorism, pedophilia, murder, organ harvesting, and more. (Most disturbingly—even worse—but this isn’t the time or place to go there.)

See how Martin accurately addresses the now: How is a guy talking about False Flags in 2018, even though I’ve posted about them in 2019? Jeffrey was not arrested in 2018? Human trafficking? Sedition? He is right up to date, even to this hour. How?

I ask again, how?

Because we were led to the proofs. We researched them (Martin did that). As a result he is able to connect the dots. One of those dots is that his post and account were removed from Medium. This is a demonstrable proof of “certain” people taking action. If it’s all shits n’giggles they laugh at him and leave the post up.

Google, Twitter and Facebook—and by implication the Silicon Valley culture—are all singled out by Q as being corrupt by inception and operation. Q tells us that once the awful reality is known, “some [media] platforms will collapse under [the] weight of [their] illegal activities.”

If Q is indeed a military intelligence operation—and to me, the evidence is overwhelming—the team has access to everything the NSA has ever collected (and that of over a dozen other US intelligence agencies). Q has said ten times: “we have it all.” They know exactly what has been going on: the criminal surveillance state has been turned upon itself. As a responsible citizen, can you in good conscience continue to ignore this?

The last question is for you:  can you in good conscience continue to ignore this?

The Late Show

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 14:6 (…Character) (You are the news now) (Brandon Straka) (Q Proofs) (Listen to what He says) (Storm)

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