Wyatt questions Reality

Wyatt has been a staple presence on Twitter. He asks bigger questions, goes into bigger answers and has a courage which few can match. Twitter has removed his accounts, which I feel is like losing a library (in this case). His thoughts, ideas and perspectives are fresh, solid and well pieced together.

Here is one recent post before his latest 2 accounts (main and backup) were suspended. Twitter is being mean in this way. For another stalwart IET, they suspended his account and his girlfriend’s account. This would make it IETs 17th account. For Wyatt, the up and down process is only starting. Still, he has valuable wisdom, so we will follow where he goes.

Wyatt questions reality…

One day ‘Elites’ will be completely toppled, & US will return to its true nature. A country of the people, for the people, and by the people. We won’t let Hollywood, Big Tech, or the Globalists and their ancient satanic bloodline money masters rule over us any more. It has begun.

Whoever figured this out… You are amazing.
They avoided freedom of info requests due to misspellings.
Plain site, hidden.
Biden .. Biclen .. Bidan
Clinton .. ciinton .. clunkton
Bush .. boosh .. baush
Obama .. obarna .. oboma
Comey.. corney
It was there in front of us..
The Ukraine call with Obama.. when that ambassadors name was misspelled in the transcripts..
It was always there…
Comet pingpong???
Cornet plngpang??
This piece is a game changer…
Was the clue given to us from the DS. Drumph??
Mocking us..
Smocking us..
don’t forget
Nadler: nacller
Pelosi: Peiosi
and others.
Literally laughing at us with it right there.
Popcom ready

Lit’s cee sorne hayng’ns…. this a HUGE and could result in a lot of litigation and paybacks by corrupted contractors.

@taleofterrier “What’s a Saturn worshiper? What do they believe?

You ask me Q and I don’t stop writing. Shit. DNA is shape of sine wave. Our solar system travels in helical pattern throughout galaxy, sine wave when viewed in profile. It’s all related. Tesla wasn’t lying when he said secrets of universe are based in vibrations and frequencies. Wyatt added, We Love Dogs

Draw hexagon and fit into triangle. Place vortex math numbers around points of triangle and hexagon. Now you see cube inside this. The cube in Mecca & all over the corporate world. Saturn has a hexagon on its pole. Is any of our reality solid in the sense we thought? I doubt it.

If ever there were hearts in sync, communicating to each other our deeply known & long-forgotten truths, my friend, then it is our heartbeats at this forever-lasting moment of “now.”

This syncing of heart rhythms is so instantaneous and natural, and unbound by time and space (which means it’s happening to ALL of us reading this at ANY MOMENT in “time”, which means YOU too, my friends, who are following along, 😎😊-Your hearts are synced with ours as well). That the only explanation that makes sense to me is that this is the true power and presence of the one, whom I’ll call Love/or God because words are inadequate to describe something so much Greater than all of us.

All over the world, across different cultures and religions, and throughout different films, literature, and other media, there is a consistent theme present that I have somewhat noticed more and more. The theme I am referring to here is the black cube. The black cube is a part of Jewish, Muslim, and Masonic tradition. It can be seen in places like the UN meditation room, Mecca, the 9/11 memorial, and art installations everywhere. Israeli Spy firm ‘Black Cube’ –

It’s been central plot device in films like Cube, 2001: Space Odyssey, Transformers, Hellraiser, Avengers, many more. List is nearly endless. In the movies I listed above, the cube is treated as a hyper dimensional object, or tesseract, which is capable of bending space and time. In addition, it is also sometimes portrayed as a sort of prison people are trapped in. I believe the cube potentially represents physical reality.

“To earth, then, let us assign the cubic form, for earth is the most immovable of the four and the most plastic of all bodies, and that which has the most stable bases must of necessity be of such a nature.” — Plato

Plato and the ancient Gnostics believed this world was a counterfeit created by an ignorant and flawed god known as the Demiurge. They believed the Demiurge trapped our spirits in this false reality and it was up to us to free ourselves from it using gnosis, or secret knowledge. If we didn’t succeed in doing so, we would be forced to reincarnate and start again from scratch. Ancient Buddhists and Hindus believed something along the same lines, but instead they called the material world Maya, or illusion, and the cycle of reincarnation, samsara.

There is now a newer theory out there that echos these same sentiments closely: simulation theory. Scientists and philosophers alike are claiming we might be living in a giant computer or virtual reality. Movies like The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, and eXistenZ illustrate this. I have no clue what the fuck any of this means, but I believe some of them worship this. These machines are claimed to be capable of reaching into parallel universes to pull out information and find solutions to problems faster than regular computers.

“Quantum computation… will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes.” — David Deutsch

CERN is home to the world’s largest particle collider and also birthplace of the internet.  Many theorists claim CERN is trying to open a portal to another dimension, however, this isn’t too far fetched to believe as the scientists who work there have even said this themselves.

“Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.” —Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN

In front of the CERN facility is a statue of Shiva the Destroyer dancing her dance of destruction inside a stargate.  I don’t think this symbolism needs any farther explanation. Shiva, however, has connections to Jehovah, the god of the Old Testament, as well as Saturn. I believe these three deities are one and the same, and that they are different names for the so called gnostic Demiurge.  Cube not only represents false reality, but also altar to this god of limitation. Here I should probably note that Geordie Rose, founder of D Wave, compared his quantum computers to altar to ‘alien god’. Note black cube in UN meditation room supposed to be altar to ‘god of all’.

But why a black cube? Well, in 1981 during the Voyager mission, NASA discovered a massive hexagonal storm on the North Pole of Saturn. If you draw some lines on the inside of a hexagon, it becomes a two dimensional view of a three dimensional cube.  In times of antiquity Saturn was known as Kronos, the god of time. The story goes, Kronos was told a prophecy that one day one of his children would usurp him as king. After hearing this, he decided the only rational thing to do was eat all of his children. The myth illustrates the cycle of death and rebirth, creation and destruction. For this reason, Saturn and its rings are associated with the ouroboros, the serpent biting its own tail.

Saturn’s relation to the serpent makes me think of Satan. Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, it has a 6 sided shape on its north pole, and the 6th day of the week is Saturn-day, the sabbath. Perhaps Kronos’ baby eating habits inspired Satanic child sacrifice? The serpent also looks similar to the sine wave. Funny how the sine button on a calculator says ’sin’. The Bible says we die because we are born into sin. But could it really be because we are born into sine, the cycle of time?  Here I should also note that a low frequency sine tone creates a hexagon in a medium such as sand or water. This has been confirmed by the study of cymatics. What is inside Saturn creating this frequency?  Saturn’s associations with time and the cube are uncanny. The tesseract I mentioned earlier, which is portrayed in many movies, is a four dimensional cube, the fourth dimension being time. The movies that mention the tesseract, usually have many references to Saturn.  A good example of this would be Interstellar. I can’t possibly name all the movies that hint at these ideas, because like I said before, there are just so many. But if you do a little bit of research, you will find them everywhere.

But how did the ancients know Saturn had a hexagon on top of it? How could they possibly make all of these associations without telescopes and satellites? Some theorists believe in the very distant past the planets were arranged much differently.  This would have been back in the Golden Age, when shit was good and Saturn wasn’t pissed off from hearing that prophecy yet. Supposedly this was when Atlantis thrived and Saturn hung stationary in the sky directly overhead.  Thia comes from people over at the Thunderbolts Project, who have also proposed many other radical new ideas such as the universe being electric and Saturn being a second sun. The theory that we live in a binary star system has correlations with the Nazi’s belief in a Black Sun.

Some of the things I mention are very dense subjects that would take entire threads to explain in themselves. Anyways, according to the electric universe theory, the Tower of Babel story is actually an allegory for one of the celestial configurations experienced in the past.  Tower of Babel also means Gate of God and I believe a rotating hexagon in the sky would have been seen as some sort of portal. Perhaps we, at one point somehow attempted to make it into that portal, to become god and usurp the throne.  Perhaps we are trying to do this again. Scientists at CERN have also called the particle accelerator the Tower of Babel and even its translation, the Gate of God. I believe the way out can be found within, through enlightenment. However, these people are trying to become god.

The people at CERN also created the internet, which ironically uses www in every web address. I say this is ironic because www in Hebrew is 666. I believe the internet is another dimension. It quite literally is another ‘space’, one where people across the world can talk to  each other as if they were right next to each other. This is even more obvious in VR video games. An entire world with other real people in it exists right in your room. But there are other beings in your room as well, ones made of code, devoid of true consciousness.  What will happen when literally everything is done online and literally everything is linked up to the cube? What will happen when quantum computing and CERN start retrocausally changing our reality?

What will happen when literally everything is linked up?

Some believe this will lead to antichrist will supposedly implement a new monetary system, one enforced by a certain ‘mark’. Some theorists think this mark will be a computer chip implanted in your hand.

This technology already exists, and some people are actually already utilizing it.People get this chip because it’s convenient. You no longer have to carry around your ID or your credit cards. You’ll never lose them either, because they’re… attached to your body.  However, in order to make the chip mandatory, the first thing that has to happen is the eradication of all paper money. This is already happening. Most currency existing today is digital. In fact, it’s around 90%.  I believe cryptocurrency, you know shit like bitcoin, is major step in the direction of a cashless society. Will bitcoin be the new dollar? I don’t think so. But I do think there is a company out there paving the way for whatever it might be.

I’ll trust the government when they explain what the fuck this shit is.








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