Wyatt answers a question (Part1)

Telling me not to so something makes me want to do it even more, DJ. Why Israel? Because when I joined this movement, I notice everyone talks about every other country but no serious discussion on Israel. No one is safe from criticism imo. So how about we do that, DJ? Shall we?

Let’s have honest discussion, DJ. Because truth is coming. It is obvious that elite 1% hide behind good jewish people to commit atrocities and profit on top of them. Much like America. I have no problem admitting that. We are great, but we are also monsters to much of the world.

The elite 1% have created the jewish vehicle and manipulate good Americans and good Israelis, they do not care about the Jews. At. All. They hide behind them. In fact, Honest Jews should be most vocal. This common knowledge outside the schizophrenic propaganda bubble in America.

Oh trust me, DJ, they don’t care if you Jewish or Moslem or Christian. They have plans for each of you. They will use you. Tarnish your name. They will ride you like vehicle, & when you crash, they will use other vehicle. HRC=vehicle. Jews=vehicle. Christian’s are vehicles.

It’s all pretty simple if you put emotions aside and think from perspective of psychotic king. Tbh, all of this new to me, I’ve only started looking into this topic since 2018. How the good jewish people aren’t outraged is beyond me. I really don’t get it. It’ll be hard, ofc.

It’s funny. Some Q people follow like no one’s biz and have malfunction when Israel brought up even tho Q says “saving Israel last.” People afraid to RT etc but my views way up, so obv ppl curious & reading. Massive redpills incoming. Bend over and say ah.

One side note. I like Gorka, but he gets foolish and smeared low follower acct I follow not long ago because he asked legitimate Q about Holocaust. Q everything? Gorka called him “denier.” That is what I mean. No hate ever, we want honest discussion & curious why the deflections

Also I dont always have opinion on the stuff I write about, just sayin. So if you say anything to me like dumb cuck, I’ll laugh. I’m just typing what I see. Even from multiple perspectives sometimes

But the Q was about the Holocaust numbers. Fair question. So I looked into it.

The outright denial is chidish imo and not serious person. People definitely died, and there were labor camps, but numbers get questionable. Yes, yes they do. You can find examples everywhere.

There was a single witness who supposedly was in two concentration camps and is the primary source for about 1/3 of Holocaust deaths. It’s a nasty rabbit hole, but you figure out that a lot is stack of exaggerations.

One of the most obvious is the fact that the Nazi’s crematoriums would have had to burn a body about 10x faster than a modern one and be running 24/7 for years with literal zero downtime.

There’s a reason why they specifically say “Historians agree that 6 million died”

because it’s just an agreement, not an actual number based on facts.

Have you ever seen the Treblinka Holocaust Memorial?

It looks pretty strange for a “memorial”.

Looks like they just [dumped thousands of boulders on the ground]



Holocaust historians claim that during WW2 almost 900,000 people were killed and buried at Treblinka.

And they claim that later the Germans dug up and burned the bodies in order to destroy the evidence. In 1999 a team of experts used an $80,000 Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) device to check for evidence that the soil had ever been disturbed as [it would be if 900,000 bodies had been buried and later dug up]. They found no evidence of any soil disturbance.

They covered the field with 17,000 boulders/stones and called it a memorial.Now you can’t run any more Ground Penetration Radar tests – not without moving 17,000 boulders (which are set into concrete).  Of course, doing this would be disturbing a sacred Holocaust “memorial” – which would land you in jail.  Mission Accomplished.

The whole Holocaust thing and the way the elite 1% use as a vehicle is very strange and fascinating at same time.

Are you not at all curious as to why this is the only genocide event that needs legal protection by throwing “deniers” into jail? Or do you just happily overdose on the forced narratives? Surely the elite would never lie to you. They aren’t psychopaths or anything. Trust us.

Genuine Question. Why do we hear about the Holocaust over and over in movies, TV shows, documentaries, newspapers, books, etc. but almost never hear about the HUNDREDS of other historical genocides?

It seems very weird until you figure out the real purpose of all this.

Ask yourself one simple question, How in the world does Israel get away with their mass murder, ethnic cleansing and brutal oppression – if we’re going to be honest. I have criticism for both sides of that conflict, don’t get me wrong. I’m staying on outside looking in though.

Why are we very allowed to discuss the idea of white privilege, but forbidden from discussion of the hypothesis of Jewish privilege? Foolish if you don’t think it applies the other way too.

In three words… Guilt/elites/vehicles. Guilt over Holocaust. Sick, but brilliant, no?

The ultimate Guilt trip enables the ultimate in psychological manipulation.

You see, Holocaust means that they entitled to special rights – the right to forbid people from discussing their disproportionate wealth & political influence. THE PERFECT VEHICLE. How do you not see?

A [2013 pew research poll] found that the number one reason Jewish Americans give as the source of their identity as Jews is not race or religion.  Instead when asked “What does it mean to be Jewish?”, the number one reason given (73%) was “Remembering the Holocaust”.


Some people think of it as a secular pseudo-religion called Holocaust-ianity or some shit (combining the words “holocaust” and “Christianity”).  Laws in many U.S. states, known as [“holocaust education” laws], mandate teaching to all school children. Vedddy weird folks, no?

This indoctrinates kids with the belief that the Jewish people are “unique” in their historical victim-hood.  This puts Jews at the very top of the victim hierarchy.

This was the goal from beginning, since widely believed victim narrative gives you political power, being top of victim hierarchy give you the most political power.  That’s why holocaust-ianity causes people to believe that Jews deserve special rights that no one else has.

They mean well, but man are they slow.

For example, holocaust-ianity means wealthy inbred morons can manipulate Israel and somehow hold ethical exemption to create type of racist country, whether citizens realize or not. Laughable.

Israel is diverse. I know 4 that live in Haifa and they travel all over. Lefties, righties, buncha groups. If Mr.Trump just stomped out the major criminal networks we wouldn’t even be dealing with any of this bullschiff. Regular citizens always the ones who suffer. It’s pathetic.

Normal chill citizens there can easily do what we are doing. What I’m saying is I condemn both sides of region but also support both sides for defending themselves. Innocent people always caught up in the middle. What I’m really saying is that Israel needs to flush their toilet.

Not hard to separate elite agenda from normal people on planet. Some idiots will follow like lefties here. Man made systems. Can be infiltrated and can be used as vehicles to manipulate the masses of genuine good people out there. Also dont forget the horrific stuff Japanese did.

And then you have them working with China and selling sensitive information and testing out traitorous surveillance tech. Like Hillary. Who is Rothschild pet.

God forbid we should ever cut off their billions and cut aid entirely for now – they might really stab us in the back.

Holocaust-ianity gives right to violate principle free speech, so people can be censored etc. Use Dan Cringeshaw, but never trust Dan Cringeshaw. He said it best. Said you’re allowed to question everything and criticize every govt except for one lucky winner.  Hint: not USA

Currently no other vehicle at time has this special political right to protect the victim-hood narrative against people who might use their free speech rights to question the narrative. Also why Obama talked schmack but still agreed to send billions. Elites are manipulating you.

The political power engendered by Holocaust-ianity is so powerful that it must be protected at all costs from the blasphemers, otherwise known as holocaust “deniers.” Pathetic boring game by 1%.

Make no mistake. Creating J victimhood and using as vehicle is nothing new at all.

If you start seriously questioning the narratives, some will malfunction and start melting and end up blocking you or telling me “why they are going to block me now” lolol. It’s so childish and weird. All we’re doing is talking, asking questions, normal stuff. So scary … ffs. 

Literally only thing I remember learning in Highschool was Holocaust and Rwandan genocide only because chill mf teacher put on movie Hotel Rwanda (really really good btw) about Rwandan genocide. We were taught as if Holocaust was the only genocide. Others not brought up. Why?

I got indoctrinated by bs and became bored and 100% distanced from all this. When I saw a lot of the truth and became fascinated and interested in our history and cemented love of country and realized there are shit load of atrocities – feels clown like to treat anyone special.

I wish more would sit down and look at things more honestly. Even if you dont know answer. I openly talk about all these topics with whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, my best friend Filipino (Dodi), or other best friend Sikh (Deepak), 99% understand none of this is our fault.

That’s why the state of Israel denies the Armenian Holocaust.  That’s also why the state of Israel denies the Polish Holocaust.  And that’s why the state of Israel agrees Ukrainian Holocaust must be downplayed.  Even ADL on video bullied Ukraine into [downplaying the Ukraining Holocaust as NOT as serious as the Jewish Holocaust lol]

There can be only one **top** victim narrative. We can’t even trade positions for like a day. Boring!  And that position must belong to the “most oppressed people in history” – the “chosen people”. *barf*

The clip showing ADL’s triggered bullying is from a documentary called “Defamation”.

Created by an Israeli Jew.

Jews aren’t a race, they are a religion

Jewish supremacists in some top universities teach that Judaism is only a religion and that Jews are really just white people.  Of course, it’s not true and they know it.

America’s Most Famous Rabbi (as well as Israeli scientists) admitted that Jews are a Race, not a Religion.

So why do they teach the “Judaism is only a religion” fallacy?

They do this so that they can promote the idea of “White Supremacy” imo.

If Judaism is nothing but a religion, that means the concept of [“White Supremacy” can be used as camouflage to cover up the fact that we actually live in a System of Jewish Supremacy. Also you do NOT have to be “Jewish.” It’s a game.

Many people like myself are very new to breaking out of the mind control propaganda.  They’ve had an almost total lock on the information for many decades.  The internet is allowing a break out of the ‘forbidden’ information.

The Jewish Supremacists are clearly freaking out and trying their best to bring censorship to the internet under the cover of “hate speech” laws.

Hopefully enough people can be de-programmed in time to prevent the censoring of more internet.

The axis of power in the world is doing tilts and Israel has to start wiggling itself into good position with China. As for the US, state of Israel doesn’t give two schiffs about US or its people, you are tax farm and buncha fools who will jump to defense when they tell you to.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they will attempt to wiggle w Chinese, they are less easily manipulated than the Americans. If you step on toes once they will not forget. Not like US which has gaping whole for ass of the huge arse f’ng it has been getting for years now.

You should really talk to some Israelis or read what they write online. A few good websites out there. Israel is more critical of Israel than the US is of Israel. It is hysterical to me. Some Americans think Israel is some hivemind and each person is connected with a string.

US “ally” Israel routinely caught sending American troops in to do the fighting they should be doing themselves.

Israel is not the home of the chosen people. There are no chosen people. What a strange ridiculous idea. Some conservatives get creepy about it. I see in my replies. 

Israelis have own interest in mind, always have. We may think they are our allies, but if somebody else gives them a better deal, they will sell us. That’s just a fact. We have no real allies. Doesn’t mean we end trade or anything. But we should know where everyone’s coming from.

It’s just weird how the influence is all up in media. Hollywood. Basically 40% of all billionaires. Supreme court. Hell, 2% of population, but 80% of peach mints. Those witnesses were…. you’ll never guess. Why would people not question this or at least have honest discussion.

This was a brief duckduckgo search that took no more than 7 mins. I was reading article on how Tyler perry owns the movie studio in Atlanta, and how it’s bigger than paramount and dream works and other studios combined. So I started thinking about other influences in Hollyweird.

Hollywood, I didn’t know this, made up of more than one movie studio. I’m ignoramus to this stuff. So I duckduck the owners of all the major studios in Hollywood. Boy oh boy, they’re all yeah you guessed it. To me, it’s more interesting than anything. I’m just naturally curious.

And it wasn’t till 2018 that I was exposed to this how Jewish Supremacists manipulate normal Israelis and normal Americans, and that would explain why America is Israel’s ho. Even that tho, the America is Israel’s biatch thing,
I still don’t fully understand the foreign policy we have with them but I hear that phrase thrown out a lot by people who are known as “no bs” people.

The inconsistency in the Jewish proportion of heavy hitter business people is fascinating. It really is.

I’m still a shit and still learning when it comes to this and our ties with Israel. Over last few weeks I’ve been thinking about religions and how there’s really only three major ones, all with some things in common in their stories but with one major commonality, the holy land:

I don’t think any of the religions got it right, something could have happened x amount of years ago in my opinion and the religions are essentially people’s versions of the story, most inconsistencies with a few similarities. How would we know. We wouldn’t.

Could very well be like a game of telephone. I could be wrong though, it could be something else but as I get older my belief in God grows, and idek how to pray to it or what to read about because I don’t think anyone’s got it right. And I’m a Catholic and believe in God.

When your team runs the award-giving committee, you tend to win a lot of awards. That said, I have a lot of respect and admiration for the Jewish team. They’ve got an ‘us-against’-the-world’ thing going that encourages them work together and achieve some pretty cool things.

Unfortunately, ‘Us-against-the-world’ also implies you can treat everyone who isn’t on your team as an enemy combatant. It’s this embattled attitude that generates a kind of ruthless, unsympathetic attitude toward players on the other team.

And they are FIRST to call out any other group that adopts same strategy. It blows my mind how many people fail to understand this is a MACRO evolutionary strategy for them and they wish to slowly breed out and exile out races they don’t like etc. Using Jewish label as a front.

Yep, they even gave the White Helmets a Nobel Peace Prize. That shows the level of propaganda they are able to perpetuate against the American people through their mass media apparatus. Tons of Overwhelming Evidence That Israel Supports !slamic Terrorist Groups in Syria.

You never hear about the regular, everyday Jews and it’s shameful.

I obviously know and talk to poor Jewish peeps, but it’s a thing, it’s such a thing to the point that it’s a stereotype. While stereotypes can be offensive or seem irrational because they cast a wide

generalization on a large group of people, they exist for a reason and stick around for the same, so they must be true on some level. Not all catholic priests diddle. I went to 2 years of communion classes as boy at a catholic church with other kids and the priests were awesome.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that a shitload of kids did get touched and molested by priests on such a large scale that the Vatican was aware. And I have no problem admitting Catholic Church one of most corrupt organizations in world and is used to manipulate masses.

Not all Jews are bad or are out to take out America or care to gain influence through high ranking positions. It’s all just a game. But we’re the ones that suffer and get manipulated.

Literally every Jewish person I’ve befriended, are normal, ethical people who care about living life through what their religion seems just. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Jewish people, both male and female hold lots of highly influential and esteem positions in

America, a country mostly made up of Christians when it comes to religious demographic, and these positions are dominated by Jewish people at an alarming inconsistent rate. Try reversing role and doing that shite in Israel. They’ll kick you out so fast your head will be spinning.

I watched interview one time with David Ben Gurion and the interviewer asked the former prime minister about Israel’s nuclear program. (Israel has never admitted to having nukes, though there’s lot of anecdotal evidence saying they do have nukes…but no country has inspected

Israel’s program since JFK. JFK was very suspect of state of Israel. So interviewer asks DBG if Israel has nukes and he replies, “We have enemies”.

So that’s the situation. If you see the rest of the world as an enemy, you can do anything, because, it’s for your survival.

The truth is simply pointing out facts made from observations in data causes lots of childish triggering and weird deflection on this subject because of the deep history.

Pointing out the inconsistency in that blacks make up 13-15% of the US population but over 70% of the prison

population shouldn’t cause uproar or anger but rather curiosity and request of answers. Most videos of police officers will have you believe most cops use excessive force and that there is war going on between inner city black people and white pool ice officers. Total nonsense.

Obviously not all blacks are criminals, but something’s fishy there. For a fact a lot of black people in prison did something wrong that led directly to their incarceration but the numbers simply hint at some sort of fuckery afoot, that leads to people asking questions.

Doesn’t take a five minute duckduckgo search to realize how many blacks are doing hard time for ridiculous non violent drug offenses.

Same thing goes for the cops. One of most stressful jobs ever, all day people are lying to you, when you show up to a situation it typically

doesn’t mean something great is happening, pulling people over to give them tickets must feel like a shitty thing to do when a quota is set by dept. most are good at their job. It’s the few who we see in videos that show a lack of training and or skill under stressful situations.

And same goes for this except when these observations are made immediate malfunction cognitive dissonance ensues. The difference with the outrage is they have a decent influence on so many sectors of this country, you can literally be black balled for life from anything.

The collective identity makes sure that you think in terms of Group first and prior to anything else. On top of this, Judaism actively teaches infiltration of positions of power, politics, msm, and so on simply in order to better their chances at survival by group based nepotism.

Imo the narratives have been twisted by the winners. This where the whole “history is written by the winners” phrase comes in. You have a full understanding of just how powerful the influence is when it comes to people just simply speaking about, or asking genuine questions etc.








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