Williams, Dorsey, Medium and Comey

I’ve often said the social media is a weapon. In one sense of the word, the DARPAnet was created for military use. In another sense it is that “words” are weapons. A third meaning is that those who “own the platform” can silence your voice, rendering you mute in the face of their push messaging.

Let me give you a concrete example: Medium is owned by Ev Williams, who was initially a partner in Twitter. Williams is tied in to the Epstein stuff, but hasn’t appeared in that process just yet. @Jack is still the main player. Q has outed Jack as a potential globalist puppet thru his connections and how Twitter is currenly behaving.

Let’s say (for example) that Jack & Ev (Twitter), Mark (FaceBook), Hoffmann (Linkedin), Segey and Larry (Google) are not just bright, independent genii.

Let’s say they have some help from people that keep a close eye on patents, processes, products and parents.

Let’s layer another level on top of that. Let’s say the puppeteers have a specific agenda and drive this agenda forward in an overt way. Bearing in mind that the internet is a military tool, it will be a military function.

You might want a civilian beard? Some cuck that fits a narrative?

What you (the user) might be seeing then is an accelerated coming together of these platforms under fire from Trump and an “anti trump” and “anti trumper” motif promoted across all of them? You might even see lots of little things happening to producers, writers and videographers? With me yet?

Getting bored with my what ifs…

So let’s do a little real world, real time, analysis.  This is my twitter associated Medium account,  I have 50k followers on Twitter on my main acc.

I can’t log in via personal email to Medium, I can only be routed through Google, FB or Twitter.

Notice the control gates (remember it’s just a blogsite, not even a particualrly good one). The key benefit is as a publishing platform, engagement is low (for me), they paywall my posts, there is no next post (following your thread), unless you pay.

Overall it drives traffic to medium “highlighed” posts and it’s cherished causes, rather than your stuff. You’re being subverted in a low grade way. I couldn’t get my last client to see the pitfalls, so I don’t expect immediate comprehension.

The crux is that medium drives your customer to their posts. The better you do, the more parasitic the process becomes.

” In recent years, Williams has expressed regret about his time at Twitter. He apologized if the platform helped elect President Donald Trump, and said he should have done more to take abusive content seriously when he was CEO.

I like that “abusive content” bit, it’s the “hate speech” blanket. The little napoloeon has the party line down pat. It’s a “war for attention.”

Williams has escaped the dragnet for now, but he is cleaning house and knows what he is doing. His platform has been weaponised simply by pruning out dissenting voices, lauding the “correct” ones and presenting a megaphone to people like James Comey and Beto O’RourkeBelow is an interesting reading list of push notification posts that hit my email inbox last year from Medium…

Notice two:

Beto on the top and

“James Comey,” a little further down the list.

Comey will soon be either hanged or given multiple life sentences for sedition.

Beto is a moron, who will never be president.

So why are they appearing in my inbox?

Why indeed?

If you listen to the audio version of this post, you’ll get a flavor for how Williams thinks. He understands the “medium:” https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/22/tech/president-trump-twitter-ev-williams/index.html

Censorship and control of the message is his game.

On opening the link, it actually is “The” James Comey, master a-hole given full reign. He is given “a push” and his piece of bullshit is quite literally upside down truth. You getting it yet?

A thing you might notice is the hard push on conformity surrounding “gay pride.” Both my medium and wordpress accounts appeared with the 6 line rainbow at “pride” time. This coordination element is a big part of it. Vox, Medium, Forbes and the rest, all act as a type of amplification or repeater station for the central messaging processes.

What if the 6 line rainbow is actually a satanist “pride” symbol? What if they’re saying; you’re on our turf, serf. What if the overall message is not tech of wunderkund, but Military Industrial Complex rent boys (and girls)?

Below are my suspended account pages. I don’t think my account was suspended due to the content.

I’m getting their messaging, but I can’t use their platform to message anyone. Seems fine to some, it’s their ball, they get to define the rules. I’m receiving “spam” emails from the proxy of the director of the FBI and a future dud presidential candidate, who I never followed at all and they block suspend my account and “investigate” it. Hmmm.

I think this is what they were after…

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Orwell


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