Who let the Frogs out? You did.

What we know so far:   Dayton shooter was leftie, satanist, sicko  

                                          Media says El Paso”manifesto” left on 8Chan.  8Chan owner says nope, Instagram, then cross                                                    posted by someone else, not the shooter (watch video).

Yahoo says FBI adds Qanon and Pizzagate as dangerous conspiracies *Unconfirmed by FBI.

8Chan vilified across all major media channels

Demorats in position during event. All on (max division) political message (timing?)

“3-4 gunmen in black” edited out of official El Paso narrative

Everyone  dumps on OMG (Orange Man Good) to deflect, deflect, deflect

Cloudflare takes 150 ml, adds two new board members and dumps 8Chan

Goolag scrubs Antifa meetup in El Paso as false news (Note: we screenshot stuff nowadays)


NSA working on “Ghidra,” (Note the title and logo 🙂

“What a sad weekend, I just finished watching the President of the United States give his condolences to the families of the victims of the El Paso Walmart shooting and the Dayton Ohio shooting.  It is a tragedy for those families, it is a tragedy for Mexico and the United States of America. It is indeed such a sad day and time in the history of the world.

The worst sort of monster shoots up random people, that it is the fact that insanity is obviously involved. One of these shooters even shot his own sister. It is terribly sad. We are lucky that at least he was not able to continue shooting because quick-acting law enforcement was able to kill him within a minute of his attack in Dayton.

The president has asked tech companies to work with law enforcement to help solve these problems. My company takes a firm stand in helping law enforcement and within minutes of these two tragedies we were working with FBI agents to find out what information we could to help in their investigations.”

Our company has always worked with law enforcement to help them with their investigations. We have never protected illegal speech, as it seems that we have been accused by some less than credible journalists. We have responded with both vigor and integrity every single time that a threat of violence has been posted and information for it has been requested by law enforcement.

I am aware this is not protected speech and I employed full-time staff who have a sole responsibility to service these requests made by law enforcement.  In May my company was mentioned in congressional testimony, we are not such a large company and the assistant director of the FBI Michael McGarrity had not heard of us so he was unable to respond to questions about us.

However we did immediately compile all FBI requests and dispositions of them and make that available to him immediately after that request was made.  So it needs to be stated that we are in compliance with the law. We have always been aggressively forthcoming to help law enforcement of it.

There are about 1 million users of 8 Chan. 8 Chan is an empty piece of paper for writing on. It is disturbing to me that it can be so easily shut down. Over the weekend the domain name service for 8 Chan was abruptly terminated by the provider CloudFlare. Some people may applaud that decision. It was made by one of their founders, according to his Twitter profile he is a recovering lawyer.

They are a private company and of course have a right to stop doing business with me, likely this is because of their intended and soon to happen IPO

Calling 8ch.net “lawless by design,” he decided to terminate us. This is of course an untrue statement, he did terminate us though, so it becomes time to find a new home. Think of 8 Chan as a large community of 1 million people that are now looking for a home.

First of all the El Paso shooter posted on Instagram, not 8 Chan.  Later someone uploaded a manifesto, however that manifesto was not uploaded by the Walmart shooter I don’t know if he wrote it or not, but it was not uploaded by the murderer. That is clear and law enforcement was made aware of this before most people had even heard the horrific news.

The spirit and letter of the law have always been faithfully fulfilled and my company has always made certain of that.

It is unfortunate that this place of free speech has temporarily been removed we are working to restore service.  Thank you to the incredible people and companies that are helping with this task. It is clearly a political move to remove 8Chan from CloudFlare.  It has forced a lot of people to find other places to talk. It has dispersed a peacefully assembled group of people talking, this silenced them effectively.

The spirit of what the President of the United States asked tech companies to do has been violated it is effective to silence these people by removing the pen and ink that they write with.

Let’s look at the deflection that took place here; public companies casting blame for murder on small private companies, law-abiding companies.

With some hard work by my engineers we were able to move 8 Chan to a new network. This was a smaller company. after our move was complete, their upstream provider,(a public company) shut off service to them. Their company suffers as well for taking on the responsibility of running a network that my company has touched.

It is actually sinister behavior. Ours is one of the last independent companies that offer a place you may write down your thoughts free from having to worry about whether they are offensive to one group or another.

Power consolidation of the media, beginning as radio and TV stations were gobbled up by a few strong and rich companies, is now moving at a breakneck pace through the internet.

It will effectively silence the masses and leave them with no place to voice their messages

I want to say again that contrary to the unfounded claim by mr.Prince of CloudFlare, 8 Chan is a lawful community, abiding by the laws of the United States, enforced in the Ninth Circuit Court, where he resides and does business. His accusation has caused me tremendous damage.

In the meantime I wish his company the best and hold no animosity towards him or his cowardly and not thought-out actions against 8 Chan Hopefully service will be restored shortly.

Again my thoughts and prayers are for the victims of the violence everywhere Jim Watkins Aug 6th 2019

Contrast this with the official narrative:

8chan: owner of extremist site lashes out as scrutiny intensifies


8chan far-right forum offline as Cloudflare cuts support


‘Shut the Site Down,’ Says the Creator of 8chan, a Megaphone for Gunmen


Mass shooting finally pushes 8Chan off the Web

Washington Post (Paywall/Consent) WaPo is CIA front, worth a look to see what they’re peddling.

Antifa to El Paso rescripting

As news is now so quick to be syndicated, they wanted to move Antifa out of the picture completely. To do this there had to be “no” border resistance meetup in El Paso. The shooter needed to be a wandering”lone gunman.” There couldn’t be the men in black motif. They needed to deflect. The perfect deflection: no meetup, just a right wing hoax 🙂 Dumb and dumber. We see you. clowns.



For your information…

Previously Anons (those who follow the work of Qanon) used 8Chan as an information clearing house and research base. Many of the threads that are currently followed are now in the public domain, so the research board is somewhat redundant.  Frogs are out there doing their own thing.

Epstein – Mossad/CIA/Blackmail (Epstein is not the puppet master. He is the keystone, linkman.)

Control of Media (inc. Hellywood, CIA, foreign entities)

C_A control of assets – MK Ultra, mockingbird media, assassinations, drugs, money laundering, etc.

Clinton foundation – money, money, money – Clinton Body Count

Barry Soetoro and Michelle – Michelle may opt to run as Democrat (first transgender candidate) for 2020

Pizzagate – it is real

NK, Iran, EU, Ukraine, Venezuela, China. “The best enemies money can buy”

Child and human trafficking – not just sex, think Mengele: bodyparts, blood, human testing

Wikileaks – Seth Rich, DNC server

Spygate – WaterGate +++

Big Tech – Censorship and deplatforming, fintech, data, digital

Who let the frogs out?” Pepe is a very common avatar for “anons,” regular people who want to get to the root of why all this stuff is happening (in a supposedly free country). As you know, the media does not cover it, because they are “it.”

Citizens (the totality of that word) are now the source of news and of investigation. Aggregated together this is a powerful sharing community focused on good (truth).

Q is a key source of threads to follow (often using the Socratic method), anons then investigate or add info from around the world. This crowd sourcing element has added vast levels of knowledge and given key insights into why these powerful people are so afraid of this LARP (liar, fake) entity.

Quick note: when people say the research board is full of anti-semitic, racist and sexist content, you’d have to ask why? The anons are not interested in this content. It’s like going to a barbershop to buy shoes, the internet is full of porn, if you want it, same if you want to bash jews or… (insert flavor). They’re addressing real issues, so this stuff serves only to muddy the water. So who puts it there? Ask yourself that question. Then ask the same question about the “manifesto.”

What if they just shut down the one channel where ordinary people can investigate something, before it happens?


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