What are sheeple?

Sheeple is an interesting idea.

Worth understanding it’s meaning and how it is deployed.

Suggestibility: I herd it on the grapevine

One of the elements is the ability to shear sheep, another is their herding instinct.  The “wolves” constantly remind each other that a sheep can be sheared many times, but only killed once. It comes up in many business discussions, sales seminars and management meetings. The herding of sheep through fear is a common tactic. Sheep love fresh grass. Sheep have a “woolly docility which indicates their domesticated status, these are farm animals. The symbolism regarding sheep extends to the christian lamb of God and into blood sacrifice. There are many layers to the imagery; the whiteness, the wool, the clothing, accepting direction from outside forces, domestication, sameness and tribalism among  a multitude other associations.

Why is it a “pack” of wolves and a “herd” of sheeple?

An element of the sheeple phenomenon is an unwillingness and aversion to think independently, often characterized in Hollywood moves as the “zombie apocalypse”or in the way main characters move through a “mass” of people, trying either to explain what’s going on or failing miserably to get others to understand impending calamity.

In the real world Hollywood, as a propaganda vehicle, is actively engaged in inducing this herding element, using the darkness and immersive experience of the cinema theater to control the group participants, or audience, selling using “stars” and lurid posters, emotive imagery and “iconic” stories. In a cinema you are not so much “an active  body,” you are an observer without significant control over events. The characters appear larger, louder and more intense than your normalcy. Events are “dramatic, evocative and engaging (unless they’re complete brainwashing shit as many hollow wood products now are). When you know it’s just brainwashing, selling you something, or the characters are too weakly drawn, you’re far less likely to engage unconditionally. You are not immersed. The hypnotic experience of cinema is designed in, it is no accident. It is a group consciousness womb of sorts, you’re plugged into a hive mind. Think consciousness, sub conscious and unconscious imagery, archetypes and symbolism (or don’t if you’re a sheep).

Programs – buy it now!

Similarly TV programs are not called that by accident. These programs are designed to keep sheep in line, marching lockstep towards a predefined objective. Those tribal elements before football games, the singing of the anthem, the militaristic jingoism of it all, the TV spectacle. It has a purpose, (it is designed around you as a group member), you need to know your place, the pecking order and who controls you and who you defer to, who has unquestioned authority. These are tools to define your identity within a group.

Mockingbird Media

The concept of “woke,” not the parody version (used as insulting mockery in the same way as conspiracy theory, truther and these days “white nationalist” {very much a wolf in sheep’s clothes tactic: deceptively selling a false bill of goods – “not us/them/other” and defining that other as “bad” to group members from a hidden position} or middle aged white man {similar concept: pure bullshit but designed to divide and conquer}) is often used as an antonym to the sheeple idea.

You’re being told how to react, it’s top down programming (as in externally and hierarchically applied, using your natural desire to please, conform and accept the edicts of the powerful, without question).

The concept (being woke) alludes to the state of a person who understands that they are not a sheep, born to follow the herd, but a free thinking individual. When you compare the qualities of the “woke” individual: curiosity, having a voice, taking an opinion, looking at connections, following motivations, taking critical perspectives, individualism, decision making, etc., it shows a more rounded conceptual field.

Truthers are stranger than fiction.

Being woke or a “truther”implies a returning to having a discerning capacity, taking on personal strengths, not following a herd or dogma. This unwillingness to be hoodwinked is part of it’s use as a parody. The parody version paints a perspective of people seeing conspiracies everywhere, being paranoid, hyper vigilant, twitchy, nervous, uncoordinated. This way of being is overly stressful for a herd, it spooks the others. Think of horror movies; there is always one person who knows in advance what is to befall the rest, but is derided as a “cooky, crazy, seeing stuff that’s not there, a conspiracy theorist, a nut job, screwy, etc., is a not a coherent state of being for the stasis of the herd. If there are too many cooks (stimuli) the herd tends to lose it’s form despite the wishes of the herder, or the wolves that prey not on individual sheep, but the herd itself.  A scattered herd means more work for predators.

Brownosers – here no evil, see no evil

There is something to the mind state in these ideas. If you willingly give up your freedom and “follow,”then you take on a kind of somnolent state, the very state that makes hypnosis effective. If you conform, as you are told to do in school for over twenty years, you take on a similar mind (less) pattern.  Think of the droning voices of priests, the mellifluous and basey voices of news anchors, their stern tones, think of lullabies, feather beds and summer holiday advertising to those deserted tropical beaches, this is all  a variant of what is called persuasive communication.  It is a specific pattern, as it replicated over and over across different cultures.


“It’s all a Conspiracy Theory”- till it’s proved, then it’s ignored.

There is one other element to this hypothesis, that the sheep will want to have cohesion, will want to share the same opinions, will adapt a way of aping, copying and colluding with their own kind. The domestication will be “bred into” the group.  When one dies, or leaves, or speaks out, the in group stories will serve to reinforce the group “bonds.” This is the self replicating element of an organism. Remember the group will be backward looking (towards safety or the known), success will be attributed to the “leader,”while failure will be borne by the individual (within the context of the group). There will be a focus on paternalistic ideas: too big to fail, together we’re stronger, united we stand while retaining a submissive desire for normalcy or cohesion.

Sheep will struggle against awakening,” the safety of the group mind is hard to leave behind, it is the security, the norm, the known.  It is in many ways like waking up from sleep to a brisk, cold, morning, not knowing your surroundings.

Who wants you to be a sheep? Just about everybody actually.

Well it’s certainly handy for the wolves.  Understand the concept of “problem, reaction, solution” in this context. Wolves track the sheep, it’s what they do.  They also hunt in packs and have different need to conserve energy and focus, they have to understand the dominance hierarchy. While the sheep are big into removing the dominance hierarchy (among themselves) they secretly want to be wolves (which helps the wolves immensely).  The Wolves then have two options, internal control (by subversion and deception) and the standard external ones (force, violence, fear).  Applying darkness and confusion is a solid wolfpack strategy, but equally useful are submissive sheep fucking with the minds of the others – a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  If, better again, the sheep can be herded into one place, a predator (or predators) has far greater chance of success; think churches, political parties, gangs or dinner parties.  By tracking the herd the wolves can also pick off the weaklings or the laggards. A common wolf  tactic with sheep is “terror”of the weaker ones or getting them when they’re young.

If you think of…

Media companies:getting you hooked on buying things you don’t need

Banks :getting you hooked on buying things you don’t need

CIA: getting you hooked on buying things you don’t need

Online Social Networks: getting you hooked on buying things you don’t need

Google: getting you hooked on buying things you don’t need

Corporations: getting you hooked on buying things you don’t need

Big Pharma: getting you hooked on buying things you don’t need

Lifer politicians: selling safety, security, conformity (herders/wolves/farmers)

Globalists, Royalists, Communists, Feminazis, Fascists, Zionists:

(See Banks, Mossad/CIA, Media, Lifer Politicians above) – these guys love to organize {and prey on} groups (herds)

…you might see a trend, unless you’re asleep.

Remember though, wolves can be hunted too…and you’re not a fuckin sheep. Wake up!




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