Volare – Lyrics by Sara Cunial

For the attention of the non-“self isolating” non-morons on this channel. The rest of you can continue to felch yourselves, or others.

Didn’t I tell you this over a year ago? Don’t stress those tiny minds, especially you fact based, empire-ical“scientism experts.”I did. Most of you are well prepared for your chains of servitude. Say: Yes Massa!

Congresswoman Sara Cunial in the Italian Parliament. The direct translation is available on YT (till they take it down).

Hobbes told us that power is not generated by a top down imposition but from a choice of the individuals who feel safer by renouncing their liberty to other people.

By virtue of this you keep anesthetizing the minds through the corrupted mass medias with wordplay and NLP with such words as regime, allow and permit. To the point of allowing yourselves to regulate our feelings and by certifying our affections.

Phase 2 is nothing more than the prosecution of phase 1. You just changed the name. We have realized that the people are not dying just because of this virus. They are also dying from misery and poverty. As in the best regimes only the citizens themselves will be blamed.

You take away the freedom from us and tell us that we asked for it. On the cry of “divide and conquer.” Our children are the ones paying the consequences, violated souls, along with those who should supposedly guarantee their rights. It will allow going back to school only with bracelets to accustom them to the freedom under surveillance.

To the enslaving compulsory medical treatments and virtual concentration camps in the exchange of (roller) skates for tablets.

All to satisfy the appetite of financial capitalism, whose engine is the conflict of interests represented by the WHO, whose primary financier is the “world savior” and well known “philan-tropist” Bill Gates. Bill Gates “prophesied” a pandemic which was simulated in October at Event 201 with his Davos friends.

For many decades he has been committed to a depopulation plan and to dictatorial control over global politics. Aiming to obtain supremacy in agriculture, technology and energy, he says literally: “If we do a good job with vaccines we can reduce the population by 10 -15%”

He goes on: only a genocide can save the world. Thanks to his vaccines he has succeeded in sterilizing millions of women in Africa and given rise to an epidemic of polio which has paralyzed half a million kids in India, with his vaccines causing more death than the illnesses themselves.

Likewise with his sterilizing GMO donated by Monsanto and then generously donated to the “needy” peoples. All the time he is thinking about distributing the quantum tattoo for facial recognition. Along with the RNA vaccine like tools to reprogram our immune system along with the international companies who own the 5G infrastructure in the USA.

So in this table we see the Italian deepstate. Sanofi which has already colluded with Glaxo who are friends of Ricciardi the virologist who makes 2k euros for 1o minutes on Italian TV. Signing deals with medical societies to indoctrinate the doctors to making fun of their independent judgment and their oaths.

There are international companies, friends of the noble Mantoan for the control and management of our sanitary data. In order to respect the European agenda for id2020 which provides a platform for digital identification going with the cession of data that Renzi started with IBM.

Renzi, I rememeber, gave 30% more to the Gates Foundation in 2016. There are the friends of Aspen like Sasson and Colao, paid 800 euros per hour for their 4 page reports dictating to us their policies as the generals of the Bilderbug club far from the battlefield.

The Italian contribution to the fight against coronavirus will be 140 million, 120 of which will go to the GAVI alliance founded by Gates. This is just a part of the 7.4 billion covered by the europeon commission to “find” vaccinces against corona virus which will be used for what I described so far. No way that therapies should be used which cost little money, without mentioning that real prevention deals with our lifestyle, the way we eat, our relationship with the environment.

The true goal here is total control, the absolute domination over human beings, making them guinea pigs and slaves, violating their sovereignties and free will. All deception dressed as compromises.

So while you break the Nuremberg code with compulsory treatments, deportation and facial recognition, intimidations supported by scientific dogmatism protected by the Pluri-president of the Republic, who is the real cultural epidemic in this country.

We, out there, together, will multiply the fires of resistance so that it will be impossible for you to repress us all.

Dear President Conte, the next time you receive a call from the philan -tropist Bill Gates please forward it to the Interantiona Penal Court for Crimes against Humanity, otherwise you should define “the lawyer who receives orders from a criminal.”




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