Twitter Lists – Do You Hear the Thunder?

I’m going to be adding a number of posts in the coming months about how to do digital media. These will be practical tools, both on video and written forms. One of the big things to know (until we get thrown off of Twitter) is how to utilize it for both spreading information and collecting information. One of the underused tools is the lists function. It allows you to collate users together in a number of ways. You should look into it.

Twitter lists are power, to the max…if you have the right tools to build and work with them.

A list can be composed of up to 5000 people. We had (…got suspended, Twitter never replied to my “unsuspend” request) over 1000 lists on our AD360 twitter account, so the potential reach is 5,000,000 people – from account!

Private = users do not get notified they are on the list, its just for you.
Public = published and available globally on its url. Listee gets notified that they are added to your list by a message on their feed (not a DM!).
Basic list – add “Twitter Tags/Handles” and follow all the sequential tweets of a user or users.

Use for..
Following. Target the people or businesses in your niche
Competitive Research. Follow the key tweets of your target audience or competition.
Notifications. Putting people on a list indicates that you have a public interest in them or their industry
Followback. Save your following percentage, listing is like following, but doesn’t affect your follow limits.


Advanced Uses …

Campaigns, Use lists to target a large audience or group – use the notification feature and the ability to follow from a curated list to build a campaign quickly. For this you need some power tools



IFTTT the growth hackers swiss army knife, allows you to export twitter tags to email, track keywords, follow tweeps and (previously) build epic lists in its own right – that feature nearly broke the internet! (BB – before Beyonce).

And that’s plenty for now …I could show you how powerful Twitter lists really are, but maybe the world is not yet ready for “Nuclear Twitter.”

One thing to note is that there are many twitter add- ons available to you out there. I use TweetDeck and Hootsuite (there is still a free Hootsuite version available, it’s hidden, but it’s there) as dashboards, both widen out your toolkit into a dashboard.  Both are very compatible with lists and listing options.



Both Tweetdeck and Hootsuite offer scheduling options, the ability to tweet and DM people and much more, check them out.

There are also some great Chrome extensions available (Mozilla too). Again if I add the ones I recommend they will take them down, so I’m not adding links, but asking you to research this for yourself. I’ll leave some clues in the videos later.

Scheduling is important as we improve our “distribution process.” I will go over the dynamics of posting in another post, but a key principle is that your followers may not see your content when it is posted, so automated reposting tools to the same channel and other channels makes you more effective, saving time and effort.


You can add up to 5000 people to 1 twitter list

You can theme your Twitter audience

You can research and segment your competition

You can notify prospects and potential customers of events and promotions

You can develop a targeted Twitter following

You can manually add your followers to a list

You (previously) could automatically add followers to a list

You can schedule and distribute to your lists

You can even automate your list building process using chrome extensions (you’ll have to dig, if I tell you, they’ll take them down)


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