Trans fantasies. Feminists said they could lead … and we’re still waiting.

To be a proper radical feminist you have to play the victim card. The only card that trumps your victim status is the trans card or the “I’m going to slit my wrists right now” card.

Bisexuals have their cake and eat it. They’re usually apolitical. Lesbians stick together. Straight women tend to have things to do. But, radical feminists are leading a charge, they’re always leading the charge…even if they don’t know where they’re going.

You added “transphobia” to misogyny and thought it was going to be the perfect family meal deal. Angry, shouty ones thought they were leveling up, taking over completely. Instead they’ve bottomed out.

They were going to use the trans thing as an extended platform. It has bitten them so hard on the ass.  Amazing Polly did a full piece on Jessica Yaniv: nicely titled “wax my balls”

There’s always Anti-fa of course. Dress up in black. Wear a mask. Hit people. Your normal saturday night at the club.

Which brings me to the crux: 3rd wave feminists are activists first. They don’t actually have a plan, they’re someone’s useful idiots.

Real women like Candace Owens are the proper mother lions protecting the tribe, holding the respect of men, driving forward to actual equality. That’s a woman I, and many others, can stand behind: bright, getting stuff done, addressing real issues in the community.

I like Ivanka Trump too. She’s another with skills that is actually leading. What you’re seeing is that Conservative women do have a plan. They’re out there doing it. And they’re calling on traditional values.

Full Disclosure: I think 3rd wave feminism only works if it is in opposition. When it assumes control, it flops. It’s just another sect (rather than sex) on the basis of having a vagina.

Now you’ve got L = Lesbians

G= Gay

B = Bisexual

T= Transexual

Q= Queer or Questioning

+ = Who knows

” The “+” aims to include those who identify as queerintersexasexualdemisexualnon-binarygender fluidpansexualpolyamorousquestioning and many more. ”

Don’t forget on top of all of that you’ve got the pronoun stuff. Such a crock. PC stuff, Version 2.

I’ve been following that blither for a few years now. My first introduction to it was via Jordan Peterson, in Canada, through Joe Rogan (a MMA guy). Peterson is able to do pretty well on his own and has filleted more than one “pronounist.” He’s done more, on his own, to dismiss this nonsense than anybody else, worldwide.

“Hey  how it’s going on, fellas, lady, well whatever pronoun makes you feel comfortable in the back”
Dave Chappelle Sticks n’Stones

3rd wave feminists have helped create their own worst nightmare.

The job of legislating for the sexual mores of +- (penis, vagina) people using a tiny subset of the population makes no sense. It make sense to those who want to play techno god (which is a totally different post, but one I think is the main rationale for all of this). It’s wedge politics.

The techno society wants to make men effeminate and make women butch (angry feminists). Watch your Hellywood movies over the last twenty years (they keep pushing female leads into male roles with “male” characteristics). They want breeding (proper man – woman sex) to be denigrated, and offer you instead custom babies, genetic choice and pick your own flavor “sciencey type” offspring. Cyborg options are extra. All of this is purposive: first remove God, then become god is the bottom line.

I don’t have any issue with two gay/lesbian/bi/trans people bringing up an adopted child, or one of their own kids from before they transitioned. The rank ordering relates to providing “a good home.” What they do as consenting adults is largely irreleant to their parenting skills. The two aspects are not correlated (in my mind). Given the choice between an orphanage and two loving gay people, most of the science says go with human warmth, structure, security and “family.” The legality of “family” is a different topic.

“Hard cases make bad law.”

Transphobe is used as a kind of throwaway gesture. If you don’t know any trans people it’s kinda hard to be “phobic”in an abstract sense. After all what is phobic? It’s not a genetically hardcoded fear like heights or spiders and unlikely to become one.

What it is is a slur… ye olde “straight white men bad” cant. It’s working girls, keep shovelling.

The irony is that alpha male straight people like Joe Rogan and Chappelle are the ones calling out the obvious crash with reality.

Rogan on trans athletes (more specifically trans men competing in women’s events):

We make the distinction to have male athletics versus female athletics. The reason is that males have a physiological advantage over women.  So in most sports, most physical sports, we do not have males compete with females. The question becomes when someone who is male transitions and becomes female, do those same physiological advantages apply.
What is the evidence?
Well the evidence and competition seems to be that it shows that it does apply, particularly in weightlifting, rugby, mountain biking, power heavy sports that favor larger people, stronger bodies. Males that transition to females
have a significant advantage, and they are breaking World Records. So if you’re a woman and you’re a natural woman and you don’t take any extra hormones or male hormones you’re not taking steroids or any sort of performance-enhancing drugs, you’re doing your very best to compete and you’re at the top of the heap, but then someone comes along that was a man for 30 years and decides they’re going to be a woman, and this has happened and literally transitioned a few months ago and competes as a woman and destroys records and dominates you in that sport, that’s bullshit…

“Crickets” from the empowerment people. They’re stymied. They’ll have to go back to using “handicapped” kids as their meal ticket. They won’t let you down syndrome.

Jazz Hands.  No”clapping”

Ref: (Wax my RGBalls) (+ in LGBT) (Dave Chappelle – Sticks & Stones)


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