The greatest trick the reptiles ever pulled was …


I saw a quote that I quite liked today …

“Once you realize that our society is a shed plastered with media cowpats surrounded by a lake of propaganda slurry, it makes the ubiquitous bullshit smell speakable. The excrement was so pervasive and normalized that anyone who pointed out the stench was thought to have gone mad.”Martin Geddes (2019) Twitter

It goes to the heart of something that has always pissed me off; that low rent, smile and move on, politically correct, “I tend not to think about it…”smarmy, always on the right side of an argument, wheedling, not my job, see no evil, hear no evil, smell no evil, type of behavior. It’s exactly the type of “smell” that Martin addresses above.

You probably have heard the phrase “art imitates life.” What does it mean? The greatest trick ever pulled… is to disappear the manifestation of evil? To avoid talking about it, to brush it under the carpet. What is the value of that?  Out of sight, out of mind.

You might have seen the “Usual Suspects” movie where crim-boy Kevin escaped (and where the quote is most famously used). You might also have seen the Matrix movie where goodboy Keanu was surrounded by a matrix of lies; “Neo has always questioned his reality, but the truth is far beyond his imagination. “

Here is exhibit A…

The man in the picture is Jim Watkins, owner of 8 Chan. This week he went before a congressional committee to “explain himself.” I’ve addressed the cooked up story before now,  you can reread for the detail. The basics of it are quite simple, Jim is a patriot who believes in the first amendment to the US constitution. He runs a site called 8 Chan. 8 Chan is like an old style anonymous message board. Nothing outrageous in it’s design. 8 Chan is definitely not “cool,”much more retro simple.

It was reported by the NYT and others that the Norwegian shooter had posted a manifesto on 8 Chan. At the time of the shooting 8 Chan was down, so it was physically impossible.

When the El Paso shooter’s manifesto was supposed to have been left on 8 Chan, Mr. Watkins refuted the allegation, stating that it was “Instagram, not 8 Chan, that the “manifesto” had been left on (and later cross posted by someone who was not the shooter)

All this was ignored as it fit nobody’s predefined narrative…

I remember after the New Zealand shooting that I read an article stating that 1.5 million copies of the shooter’s video had been removed by the channel. At the time I was amazed at how well they had executed the censorship element of it. Note there was no hint of shutting down FaceBook (of course not:). They only removed the video because it showed something they didn’t want out there.  Multiple versions of the Ohio video and El Paso videos are on YouTube, so the morality is quite shady.

You might ask what is wrong with a congressional hearing? Nothing. Except they held it in private, after being asked to make it public by pretty much everyone who held an interest in the tale. After all, it was a hearing about censorship, wasn’t it? You want to publicly vindicate the innocent, don’t you? Don’t you?

The stuff you think we should know more about: (First entry in google)

And this beauty… (7th entry on my search)

This couldn’t be about Q, could it? This mythical internet persona that happens to frequent internet message boards? The same Q that has been silent for the last month…supposedly.  Did you notice the symbol on Mr. Watkins collar?

The objective of censorship is to silence dissenting voices.  We get it. They worked damn hard to get to this point. Results: Zero

So the idea of hiding the devil makes perfect sense. What you don’t want to be seen, what you don’t want to be known. What you down want to acknowledge is a devil (to you). You best trick is to make it disappear. Practice a little whistling in the wind.

You can smell the bullshit, you might even taste it, but it’s so pervasive you’ve become used to it.

In the opposite direction they pulled a little trick with Epstein, the MSM have concentrated on the floating a few stories on the chap and then hoped to let the story die with him. A slew of internet researchers are not going to let this one go. Even for the “conspiracy theorists” it was a big ask that Jeremy was going to get offed before uttering a single word in public.

The most constant theme was the media attempting to tie old pictures of Trumpie to the scumbag. Gaslighting, I think it’s called, using the same image over and over to imply a connection. So many connections, women, scientists, associates and allies to chase down and what they did was …that. And they call Trump supporters deplorable.

The media is more than a bad joke, it is the enemy of the people.

Here is a little sample of recent MSM bullshit plastering…




Why this plastering of shit and why now?

Well this has something to do with it… Exhibit B

The idea behind the image is a cartoon called Monsters Inc. In the cartoon it was the job of two monsters (in this case, skinny Podesta) to scare children. You might notice the objective in the image is to extract adrenochrome. This is the adrenalized blood.  In this case a young girl is the victim. You might say …odd cartoon and forget it, but…”The city of Monstropolis in the monster world is powered by energy from the screams of human children.”,_Inc.

That’s a story that might keep you up at night, if you didn’t think it was a cartoon. If you tied the cartoon to pizzagate, Epstein, hellywood and transhumanism it might tighten your sphincter a touch.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…, You know the Polish people who lived around Auschwitz… an apocryphal story goes that the could never get their clothes clean because of the ash that continued to float on the wind, morning and night. They griped about the clothes, but rarely discussed the reason for the ashes.



You’ll love this (even RT found it funny) … “

DARPA unleashes anti-meme militia to fight deepfakes & ‘polarizing’ viral content”








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