The Fact.

“Facts Matter.” I’ve seen this phrase recently.  It always appeared to me to be a given assumption.  But I might not be correct.

There are a number of ways of addressing the phrase; as an admonition to study facts, as a trite slogan in the same vein as “black lives matter” or as a wink to duplicitous. 


Complete liars are given up as”untrustworthy”while politicians, to be useful, are truthful to someone, if not you. Otherwise they would have no source of value, they would be fantasists rather than fanatics, fools rather than funded, found out rather than foundations. This is probably why the psychopath is so skilled in politics, it is the domain of lies, half truths, misdirection and deceit.

But it is a dualism that should be looked at closely. Modern man has become untethered from truth. Most know it.

Many drift with the herd.

what does a white shirt signify?

What is a tie?

What is a microphone?

What is a question?

Who asks?


Fakery is abundant online.  It should not be forgotten who built the internet. Something to note too is that the more we enter the virtual world, the farther we move from the truths of the “real world.” It is a conundrum, this virtuality, the fakery gets more intense, the deeper we go.

The “virtual” realm” hints at old phrases and ideas of media, communications and propaganda.

Control of the facts is important. Control of facts does not imply you will be honest in their use. Your choice is open.

Without knowledge of the facts your choice is valueless or at best a form of brainlessness. Without the means to know facts you are adrift.

The facts are your stars in a sea of lies. Your judgement is your navigation.

This is the position of the citizen. You are not requested to be good, that is a too much.

You are. Facts are your reality.

It benefits your choices to know the facts.


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