The cognitive Dissidents are having a bad day

Some of you may question what you’re told. That is good. Some may even understand they don’t have a friend who needs their bank account details to drop some money from an unknown dead Nigerian prince.

You might have noticed the sycophants grouping around the idea that “people should be nice” and writing lots of stuff about how their collective head hurts. That is the code for PC and the PC brigade are fascists of the old kind. They’ll put the jackboot on your neck while singing hail marys.

They limit the conversation, define the themes and place their “group” (of hypocrite scumbags) on the right side of it. You’ve seen it in kindergarden: group of (useless on their own) assholes start picking on the “different” kid. Different kid whups the shite out of their chosen mouthpice. They run to mommy (or other power source).¬†They then cower in a corner and circlejerk till they year finishes telling what “they’re going to do to you when you’re alone,” etc.

There is also a turd party, the so called “peace maker”…they are the biggest snakes, watch them most of all, theirs is the soapbox of deception. Watch those UN thugs closely.

This year is only just starting…and so am I ūüôā

Another thing too is that the internet is a controlled space, quite soon people like me will be “expelled from school” for being too rough on the sissys. the sissys don’t care, they’ll jerk each other off till they go blind. the purpose is to corral you (as a controlled sheep)¬† rather than keeping me/us out (we have lots of mobility).

so, On to today’s quick topic, Dallas and what happened next…

I’ve added the tweets as they appeared but it might be handy to post them in bloc form.

On with the show…


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