The Big Tech Takedown


There was a time when Big Tech was getting a lot of whitewash. Everything they did was lauded. Every pimply green faced nerd was given the benefit of the doubt, no matter what they did. A google ID would get you laid. Not anymore, the pimply ones have reverted to type.

In terms of equality…

Think Theranos. That dubious COO woman at FaceBook, YouTube boss, Marissa Mayer (previously) at Yahoo,  IBM and Ginny Rommety have been solid though in their recent acquisitions. It seems women, if not “equally” sh_t, are batting a solid .500  I liked this quote…

” Mayer faced harsh criticism at Yahoo for many of her management decisions, including instituting a performance ranking system that allegedly discriminated against male employees.”

You might have to question what these platforms are designed for and how they’ve all come to occupy exactly the same space delivering a near identical product?

The whole Facebook project was really a DARPA project.  In a day they shut it down as the DARPA project,
it became what we now know today as Facebook. So to say that Zuckerberg came up with this idea for a
social network and then tested it amongst his college student buddies and then miraculously it became this
incredible corporation that just made him billions and billions and changed the world is a complete fallacy, lie,
illusion, magic.

That project was funded as a research project in order to get large masses of people on deck with their globalist ambitions for a new world order.  Tracking of persons worldwide to create this web of data accumulation at the personal level for control of large populations, for control of whole countries. That was a military project that was mapped out on military computers right here in the US by people who were on the payroll of the American citizens…”  Nov 16, 2019

If we take the position that the above quote is correct (for argument sake), it gives us a more solid matrix than the “business” idea…

Why is the back end more powerful than the front end? It’s for spying.

How are they able to coordinate the removal of the new Zealand shooter video, while leaving up plenty other first person shooter videos like the Dayton one? It’s automated.

How are they able to unilaterally get cross platform approval to remove “whistleblower” videos in less than two days? Who authorized it? They’re all connected to their spymaster bosses.

How could Google completely remove @Jen Gennai from the internet less than 24 hours after her @ProjectVeritas expose aired? She was a threat to the narrative and needed to be silenced.

How did YouTube, Apple, Twitter collectively take down Alex Jones without giving any reasoned public explanation why? Spy agencies testing the public reaction

Why does Robert Epstein argue that Google was more dangerous than the Russian Collusion Hoax idea? He’s right.

Remember: we make a distinction between legacy media and new media? Legacy is software speak for an outdated program. It is an apposite phrase. Like @dim and the sycophants legacy media is only yesterday’s news.

The too big to fail argument simply doesn’t fly for CNN. By using Twitter to release moment to moment news Trump has effectively sidelined them to the opposition bleachers.

By hiding the Epstein story for 3 years ABC have consigned themselves to the wastebasket of history. Disney and Cartoon Network will get their’s too, in time.

Rating are dropping, which drives revenue, which means closure eventually.

Use new media to steal elections

Most of it is simple stuff. Go down the list: set the alogrithm, push your agenda, de-platform the other side, nobody will care, you’ve removed the dissenting voices.
Let’s take Instagram as a quick and easy example.
My posts don’t get shown on the hashtag pages. I can use up to 30 hashtags. None show up.
Auto following targeted accounts gets me throttled for about a week, no follow functionality.
Posts get throttled (few follower accounts see them in their feed)
 @AD360eu account has 5k followers – gets 0 – 9 likes on my latest posts… and my day job is digital marketing 🙂 meaning I know intimately how these plotfarms roll.
This process appears to be automated.  This is the key. One person behind a screen can manipulate the entire process via site-wide alogrithms.
Note the recent Kentucky elections, something which was addressed in 2006 by a grandmother:
 It appeared there was a very late surge for the new Governor, even though the rest of the ticket voted overwhelmingly the other way.
It doesn’t make much voting sense to a rationalist when you stack up the numbers for the rest of the card.  Baby Bush in Florida all those years ago. Thanks Jeb!

Use computers to steal elections.

Note how google frames “Kentucky election fraud” (a phrase people would use) results page, framing any suggestion of foul play as “bots.” Why would a  search algorithm introduce those ideas? “False specter”unfounded” “and bots” Trying too hard b_tches. Always an early sign of panic.

What you might not have taken notice of till now has been how coordinated these actions are. You see them as distinct entities. You’re wrong.

I don’t think this is how competing businesses take decisions. I also don’t see why all these media companies are willing to burn their social capital, unless it’s not them running the show. 

I told you how my own accounts get flagged and removed. This is happening at scale across my user group. All of my favorite Youtube channels had a video about how their “whistleblower” video was removed.

Dan Bongino

Amazing Polly

In Pursuit of Truth

Lions Republic… all had videos removed.

C_A man Cinderella gets removed from the internet as a precautionary measure? …even though Schiff says he never met him and doesn’t know the man. So C_A man “Cinderella” gets removed from the internet by social media companies? If these “companies”were C_A fronts it would make much more sense. Wouldn’t it? If you were going to hang for treason, you’d be quite likely to use your hole card.

Use coordinated action/actors to steal elections.

So, quick thoughts: how can you coordinate the actions of mega corporations to turn on a dime?

Who is doing the censoring? It is not random?

According to “popular fiction” Zuck, Dorsey, Gates, Hoffmann, Williams, Wojcicki, Brin, Page, Bezos and Cook are just guys doing their own thing. There should be no collusion between them, in fact there should be open competition. Is that what you are seeing?

Why are they doing this all out censorship on one particular subset of the population?

Answer that question in two parts. Firstly look at the failing Demonrat party.  Note that they could not have the muscle to pull this off on their own currently.

Consider who does. Who might be forced to pull out all the stops at this point?

Do the math! You come back around to C_A, DeepState their assets and multitude of projects. “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

A few recent tidbits…Kimberly Klack on FB, for those that don’t know, is fighting for the recently vacated congressional seat in Baltimore, where serious cash has disappeared. She is republican and is fighting Cummings corrupt widow.

Note three things: Deleting and Flagging Posts (Targeted)

Speed of action (Specific)

Sneaky (not a cross site algorithm)



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