Sometimes you must read the comments. A Google show and tell session.

Sometimes you must read the comments. A Google show and tell session.

Right now the media pack is chasing Nunes and Giuliani. They both hit really hard. The enemy is hurting, so it’s lashing out at these two … Watch what it does. It’s a multi headed hydra.

This is my Twitter hashtag (top stories for #DevinNunes).Notice anything wrong with this? This is a guy getting over 10k hits on his own posts. The ones their “algorithm” deem as top stories are all hit pieces with low view counts. Nothing from his multiple superb takedowns of the demonrats at all. Strange, eh? See how he looks glum?

Top Story NYT…

Next Story…

Next …


Everything above the line is negative. It pushes narratives by other media players, unreflective of the general sentiment, viewcount or actual events. Remember “real time.”

Check this video from Lisa Haven on this topic. Because the video is on BitChute, BeBee will not automatically embed the link. That is another simple trick.

“The censorship is not only pushing main stream media to the top (as you saw here) but also forcing us out of the feed altogether and we’re not only being forced out of the feed by google, we’re being forced out by facebook and youtube and Instagram and all your social media channels.” Lisa Haven:


CNN runs a story. The story is a lie. Google keeps it at the top of the feed (the same story/lie keeps updating).  Twitter suppresses it (so Google can’t pull it). YouTube doesn’t allow shares (so it doesn’t trend). Nunes opts to sue CNN, Daily Beast. Truth hidden. Real story squashed when it should be trending. See mirror.

Watch what happens when I search for “Devin Nunes to sue CNN”

This time the  top story has 7k retweets and over 24k likes. This is the “actual” news story with 1.7k comments.

This is why I talk about censorship. they always put mainstream media articles to the top. They used to be free (the articles). You know if you wanted to look up some kind of “conspiracy” of sorts, you could plug that in and you’d get actual youtube videos that had millions of views, right. Today it’s hidden and you no longer can.” Lisa Haven:


A quick look at the comments section (on the same video) …watch how this person was stopped from sharing this particular video. I actually caught the link from her (miniscule) tweet.  See how much work she did just to share it…

I’ve also had the share options disabled on youtube and youtube downloaders (sound and video) for specific videos… someone had gone to the trouble of adding copy protection to them (not the uploaders).

The case proves itself …

Fake story is given legs.

Real story is hidden.

Those who want to share the story (evidence) are stopped.

The fake story is pushed via automation (AI), weighting the “voice” of MSM sources + gaming the feed. MSM pretends it’s a normal news cycle.

They’re all in on it.

Here is quote from zerohedge that I linked to in my previous post.
This is obvious censorship. YouTube is planning to silence those who disagree with the political/ruling class and have taken sides. Speaking truth to power is now borderline criminal. The censorship continues…
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what YouTube is planning to do once this policy change comes into full effect.
We already know that many conservative-leaning YouTube channels have been demonetized by YouTube with the goal of driving them out of business. However, thanks to workarounds like Patreon, many of these channels are still up and running, despite YouTube’s best efforts to financially destroy them.



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