Some dogs go to heaven

The Dog

The Dog

This one will be very quick. The reason for the dog stuff? Why does Trump have it pinned to his Twitter. Why am I aware of the symbolism and other commentators pretend to be ignorant of it? @CNN, @WaPo and the rest crying crocodile tears in a very bizarre way…unless you actually get it and it becomes perfectly clear.

Why is Bongino “foaming at the mouth?

” Those are the table stakes; loser dies and their dogs too. ”

The “consort of vipers” you probably understand has multiple meanings, explained in the cartoon above. The dog connects to the cult of isis (dig into the meaning, not my job to babyfeed you), sirius and is steeped in sybolism. There are a myriad of meanings here. One of the simplest and will do for now is that Trump is signalling his dominance in a “pissing contest.”

He may also be signaling to the real leader and founder of this isis. He is stamping on the head of their gods.

Considering the sickos highest day in the year is coming up very soon, it might be valuable also to take some time and address this timely work from Linda Paris and JuanOSaven. Juan is actually …. (the VP of the United States), so he is quite well informed.

Many of you will need to study much harder. It is fine to be a fool in a world of fools, but the world is waking up.

In the raid the SF guys picked up documents from the US state Department, tying communications to Obama and his team. This will soon come out in more formal settings than this. You don’t need to be a rocket psyientist…

I knew from the moment I saw the fleet of brand new toyotas floating across the desert who owned this crew, only idiots that thought they would never be caught would be that stupid, which leads us directly to these people…

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