Digital Mastery in realtime from Praying Medic

Social Media Skills - in real time from Praying Medic


This is a thread by Praying Medic. He has this great combination of American speech and cadence (short sentences), wisdom and clarity. He is discussing the strategic merits of one mode of direct action. As a part of that strategy, more that a part, included in the basic technique, is the upskilling of a social media user in, the now, post CNN world. Real-time, real world, real people, verbatim news.

Note: Democrats are wedded to “legacy media” and the overall control of new media via censorship and takedowns. That is their domain. Fake reporting, fake broadcasting, fake news delivered by fake experts.

They are haemorrhaging cash.

Their candidates are all duds.

They’ve admitted a year out from the election they can’t beat the orange 1.

In the current “whistleblower plot” the republicans have dissected every soundbite and used it on all their personal media channels. It has meant a massive bonus windfall for Elise Stefanik, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan and the aptly named John Rat-cliff. Red on…

PM’s point is clear: Get this nonsense to the Senate and blast them again with both barrels. Hammer them on every media channel. Use the power of the people to spread the message, combine that with the reps doing their thing and POTUS doing his … a complete meltdown for the entire Demonrat party – all of their own making. Combine that with the fact that MSM will be playing catch up all day long. “It’s going to be biblical.”

Don’t ya love it when a plan comes together?

and the big dogs…

are going to open a can of whup ass on these cl_wns


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