Slow News Days – Epstein didn’t kill himself

Slow News Day – Epstein didn’t kill himself

Slow News Day - Epstein didn't kill himself –

Today Project Veritas blew the lid off of the whole thing… they’re showing you in realtime how the “media” is attempting to kill a reporter, a story, and the First Amendment to the US constitution.

ABC have admitted that the sat on Victoria Roberts testimony for 3 years and release it tonight in advance of the Prject Veritas reveal later today.

Everyone is on this story, the memes, the media, the people involved. Victoria Roberts (The ABC story) has alledged that she had an underage sexual relationship with Prince Andrew as a teenager.  This story was brought to ABC by the woman herself and they left her swinging in the breeze and never ran it, in full knowledge.

Project Veritas are bringing out an “Epstein Whistleblower” (save the jokes) later today.  Within twenty five minutes (below)  of posting his initial teaser James O Keeffe had hit 3k likes and nearly 2k shares. People are deeply interested in this story…

Who is involved: EVERYBODY.  It is a whos who of the Globalist elite. Epstein did not kill himself.  In their rush to cover this up they are showing their hand “bigly.” The question now is who would want to kill the message? The conspiracy case? The outing of more victims across the globe?

Mossad and C_A are heavily involved in this, as are UK intel services (on the blackmail side) but the real story is far dirtier, darker, far more satanic.  It goes all the way from simple favors, across to child sacrifice, human trafficking, genome experiments, sex trafficking, mutilation and slavery. It goes all the way to the top, and everybody knows it.

Whatever happens tomorrow, the big revel has already happened today. Remember all of the social media bosses are implicated, as are the major corporations that own these news channels. Twitter is operating overtime to kill this story.

The key points: James O’Keeffe of Project Veritas has an Epstein Whistleblower.

The main stream media have supressed this story following the “unusual” double suicide attempt

There are many highly connected individuals under the spotlight

HellyWood, Politics, Media, Business and Law are all involved.

The flightlogs to Epstein Island are public and the names named.

Media has remained silent.

Meme culture has already focused heavily on …#Epstein didn’t kill himself

The values at stake cannot be more stark it is literally human tyranny versus freedom. The corporations are all in on tyranny. The only problem for the social media giants is that their position is only safeguarded as long as they are not “publishers.” Once that safety is taken from them their feet of clay will be exposed and they will be sued in open court.  Follow the thread. This is breaking news…brought to you by the internet, not the “news media.”

You can follow events using the #EpsteinCoverup hashtag on Twitter.

Follow @

Follow @

HashTag #EpsteinCoverup

Note: This is so important that James may be killed, his internet provider may be shutdown or his accounts removed from social media. Stakes are “All in.”


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