Slick Willie, coyotes and an unholy trinity

I’m not going to dull your thinking by addressing any of the statements I’ve made over the last few posts. If you’re interested at all, you’ll find ALL are correct. You probably heard about the NYT libeling my innocent 8Chan man again

You don’t have to be blind to see the Walmart connection is a little too well inked out to be happenstance.

Dayton shooter, DARPA daddy. All betts are off.

The weekend …

This one relates to something or someone called “the bridge.” It is all over the internet this week that an A player is going down on team evil (the sickos have told us {each other} – misinformation, that’s what they do, part of their sick shit).

(HW) HW stands for Herbert Walker…

The conventional wisdom and early running has it that it will be one of the British Royals. I’m not convinced and neither are many others. We know the prime objective now will be to ensnare Trumpie in an assassination chamber (it’s hard to pull that off in the UK at a state funeral for someone elses “royal” family, better closer to home, where specific pieces are still in play).

No matter how many people have to die with him, the death of Orange Man Good and the VP would open the door to spooker of the House. They’d have the last viable option for an about face, because by law she would have right of succession. This would stymie the military long enough to tilt the board back to black.

We know the is-real-is have a lot to lose after the extremely convenient death of Jeff.  After all it’s their blackmail scam. He was their asset and they’ve plenty of loose strings floating in the breeze. They want to clean house and scram, but it’s not that easy this time. They’re in for the full innings.


It’s not going to be them this weekend though, there is no value in being found killing an “ally” and benefactor right after your dog turns up dead on the farmers doorstep, choked on chicken feathers.

It’s going to be an unholy trinity laying this one off for their masters, who are shitting themselves at this moment, that nest of venomous vipers.

Who is the most disposable? Who has the goods one everyone? Who is well past his sell by date?  Who is the easiest to get at in the time frame? Whose wife knows the right folks to cook supper for? Who built the money tree back in the early days? Who knows who killed those two boys back on the tracks in Mena?  What was the root of the CF? Who was the link man for the drugs? Who did Barry Seal call? Who called the coyotes? Who flew to pedo island multiple times, can finger all the other sickos in attendance and is the “face of the game.” Who knows everybody and is front and center for the fall?

I’m not wishing this chap to be ill, nor do I want him taken out before he sings. I’d like Trumpie, his family and the rest of the crew to be upstanding and ready when 2020 comes round. In a strange twist of fate, this weekend, saving billie might be the wisest course of action.

There are alternative options for them though, so I may be well off of the mark (figuratively speaking) come Monday, but let’s lay down the chips and let posterity record the hubris. Who said Godfather III? Search term “godfather III

Here is the pencil thin prophesy: there will be big trouble on Portland, more shooting events around the country and someone will have an inelegant fall or heart attack. The media do an about face and claim it’s time to “join together.” This will be the setup for dropping a building on top of some of the coolest people to grace the face of this pretty blue planet.

“Eyes on a swivel.” As you were.

Sorry for all the Joe M @StormIsUponUs stuff …it’s that he has a finger on the pulse and might turn out to be an extremely interesting person, once the mask is removed.


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