Six men went to shoot dcuk

There is a moment to step back and survey the battlefield. Now is not that moment…

Why is control of the media important? Easy, right! Control of the story. OK, but what happens when media is in real time and ordinary people can aggregate knowledge in real time? Let’s say those ordinary people have a little bit of a head start in where to look and who to research. Then the game shifts rapidly into something different.  You lose control of the story (the lie) and the control that goes with that.


You need to understand the moment. This is a titanic struggle between darkness and light.

The figurative use of Titanic is important. What does “titan” mean? Might it be applied to this man? What are the chances of this:,_Futility  What were the chances that two of the biggest opponents of the federal reserve were aboard the Olympic?

“The three ships had their genesis in a discussion in mid-1907 between the White Star Line’s chairman, J. Bruce Ismay, and the American financier J. Pierpont Morgan, who controlled the White Star Line’s parent corporation, the International Mercantile Marine Co.”

If you’re interested the was a deleted sequence in the Titanic in which the character of Astor says “I’m looking for my damned dog…Madeline asked me to look for the dog,”this was removed from the theatrical release:   You might note a reference to dogs and twins (twin ships, twin towers, dogs in the white house, ghislaine and the dog, etc.) That’s one you’ll need to research yourself for now, it’s off topic, but central to the taxonomy.

Threads that bind: – wikipedia says… “He is the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island (1994), which promotes false theories about the motives behind the creation of the Federal Reserve System.” If wikipedia were an oracle you’d have to read it backwards (tip).

Interesting thought…didn’t Trumpie just ask a question on that very topic.

Why would six of the richest men in America dress up as duck hunters and elope under cover of darkness to a secret meeting on a private island?

More interestingly (for some, perhaps) the story of the Lusitania and the entrance of America into the first world war is also chronicled solidly in the same book …

“Ancient Romans, such as Pliny the Elder (Natural History3.5) and Varro (116 – 27 BC, cited by Pliny), speculated that the name Lusitania had Roman origins, as when Pliny says “lusum enim Liberi Patris aut lyssam cum eo bacchantium nomen dedisse Lusitaniae et Pana praefectum eius universae” [Lusitania takes its name from the Lusus associated with Bacchus and the Lyssa of his Bacchantes, and Pan is its governor]. I did latin in school and my translation is nothing like googles (interestingly enough).

Lusus is usually translated as “game” or “play”, while lyssa is a borrowing from the Greek λυσσα, “frenzy” or “rage”, and sometimes Rage personified; for later poets, Lusus and Lyssa become flesh-and-blood companions (even children) of BacchusLuís de Camões‘ epic Os Lusíadas (1572), which portrays Lusus as the founder of Lusitania, extends these ideas, which have no connection with modern etymology.”

Interesting that the sinking (FF) of the Lusitania was the plot line for rage and the advent of pan, bacchus and madness? But who …actually…sank the Lusitania? Qui Bono? We know. We know who held the contracts. “Morgan brokered a deal that positioned his company as the sole munitions and supplies purchaser during World War I for the British and French governments. The results produced a one percent commission on $3 billion (that is, $30 million) to the company. Morgan was also a banking broker for financing to foreign governments both during and after the war.”

“The (German) embassy decided to warn passengers before her next crossing not to sail aboard Lusitania, and on 22 April placed a warning advertisement in 50 American newspapers, including those in New York”  Wikipedia leaves out the fact (editorial staff at the C_A) that while the ads were placed, only one paper ran the ad, …on the advice of whom?  Interesting (half truths leading to misdirection), this is where you should dig, the fault lines in the lies. See the way their misdirection leads you to their sources, the ones they can best control in the shortest time.

TRAVELLERS intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travellers sailing in the war zone on the ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk.
Washington, D.C. 22 April 1915″


Which brings the main point: False Flags. There is design to this historic game. There are no coincidences. If you understand there is a bigger picture, you must step back and reconcile the various positions.

Is a free people in the best interest of global bankers? Is deception, deceit, avarice and greed in the interests of bankers? What is the value of insurance? Did Larry Silverstein up the insurance on the twin towers?  Did he also say to”pull” WTC7? Who was David working with?   What are the children saying?

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that  the twin towers was a setup, just like the Titanic and the Lusitania. You need to control the news ( in 1912 that meant print and wire services, now it’s digital). In the latest version of the game you need to control the speed of news, it is now so fast that platforms are adding artificial delays to get out ahead of the news cycle. They call these elements algorithms and they exist in many forms.

You’d probably need to have lots of people in play, wouldn’t you? It would need to be circles within circles, groups within groups, hierarchies of secrets. What did JFK have a problem with again…


Have a look at the latest google results on jen gennai or try a misspelling “gen gennai” (youtube took down the video only it was already out, so they were foiled, no mention of that, of course) and watch what it spits out…(first result from the verge, recently got caught libeling 8 Chan)”Project Veritas’ YouTube sting was deeply misleading — and ” “How Project Veritas Expose Sold The Lie Of “Biased” YouTube …”From Medium (another crock of shite, Evan Williams & Co.), a solid page of misdirection and smear.  It’s vested in how search is configured (I did a post on it a while back “Domain authority”). It’s why your YouTube recommendations all come from the same nonsense sources, the MSM shills.  Doesn’t it seem odd that “recommended for you” just means “what we’d like you to think about what you’ve just been looking at”

Why is it always a smear campaign? Why do the MSM bullchip artists always get to claim the higher moral ground?  Even when they’re found out? Currently it’s hard to find a viewer for CNN, WAPO and NYT, yet they still sit there with the same holier than thou lecturn notes.  They’re obviously propaganda tools. What was opaque is now clear; “darkness to light”

You’re seeing the same with the Federal Reserve. when they come out loud and clear and say they may effectively stage a “recession” to get rid of Orange Man Good.   You have to ask the question? For real? You want rid of the guy who is uncovering all this graft, corruption and you’ve a …”A need to be ‘very, very aggressive’

How many recent posts has Trumpie done on the FED (quite a few actually). Do regular Americans want this millstone? Of course not, plenty of Americans are fully aware of what it and what it designed to do, and for whom.

Even a small child could figure these scumbags out. He’s wise to all of it. The bankster wars, the scams, the bailouts, the EU parasites, IMF, WTO, UN, NGOs, the whole ball of wax and their masters. It’s not just obvious, it’s criminal.

If the Queen (titan) sank, would it set the stage for a constitutional crisis in the UK? Bet your last (fake) dollar on

Oh, one note to add to my last post on slick Willie (not dead) and Mrs. (reputedly) Omar…








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