Show me the money – the social media manager’s manager’s mantra

If there is one common thread to social media management, it is that your employer or colleagues will at least once a week, ask you to “show me the money.” What they mean is; “show me why I pay you the money!”

They feel you have an easy job, just clicking mindlessly and filling Facebook with light hearted promotional material; often including desks, mugs and new employee perks (The closest inanimate things to hand in any office environment, apart from …). To be fair, this is often the fodder you find online, so that position might be entirely justified.

I’m going to show you a trick, not a really difficult trick, but one with lots of uses once it’s done.

We have an easy recipe.

First get yourself logged in on Pinterest, Buffer and Hootsuite.

Get the associated chrome extensions.

You now have a rudimentary selection of sharing tools with many different points of focus.

Let me show you how it might look on a Twitter retweet.

I’m re-sharing a previously pinned tweet (stored on Pinterest using a key-worded hashtag for cross posting purposes). You can see by the date it has been originally posted in November 2018. It is an evergreen post (relating the professional press perspective of a product).

I have three current options: retweeting on Buffer, which allows me to share to multiple social accounts at one time. Retweeting to Twitter (using the standard Twitter retweet). Or going with Hootsuite and the option of one click auto-scheduling. Same post used in three different ways (multi, single or scheduled) all on one pop up.

It’s not just the ability to use multiple tools. It is that each tool is configured differently.

I can develop a specific flow depending on the post, image or topic.

Say I want to post to Facebook, but don’t want a post to appear on Twitter, then Hootsuite might be a fast option. Maybe I want to use a different image in my re-post and post across a number of channels. I can do that too, because I’ve added links to my Instagram posts which auto convert when clicked on.  Buffer fits the bill here.

Maybe I just want to save some cool images to a scrapbook or board while I’m browsing for content…Pinterest might be the one to go for.  I can build up a quick portfolio and reuse suitable images and themes. Pinterest tracks and sorts “affinity.” It’s using the inherent “skillset” within Pinterest to flesh out a topic or idea. It does for image search what Hootsuite or TweetDeck might do for other content streams.

Remember that Buffer is a multi platform scheduling tool, Hootsuite is a dashboard content management centre and Pinterest is an image sharing social network. Yet they all have many other values aside from their stated purpose.

Note that we only covered a very basic two step recipe here. It is probably one of the most simple combinations; retweeting, re-posting and image collecting.  We’re just using three “common” platforms.  Each tool has it’s own specific value that can be used by different media managers in very different ways.

When someone asks you what a social media manager does (or show me the money), you might have the skills to show them how many ways a two step recipe can be used. It’s far more about managing and distributing your message, developing a specific brand, style and focus.

Here I’m also using Twitter analytics, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite dashboards for their extensive tool-set. This widens the scope quite considerably. We can also map onto this matrix IFTTT, Zapier (or similar extensiblity tools) to spread the distribution wider. Another available option is to add Hootsuite apps, thus integrating Mailchimp, various CRM systems, lead management tools, etc.

Maybe it is all too easy after all.


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