Polly asks you to think

This post is asking for a simple level of awareness. It states that lies are designed to hide truth. More often than not that truth might be of value.

This is a Washington Times piece from 2005. Colin Powell regrets the lie. A million dead people later it seems like small change or even loose change. The overall lie is far bigger, the one you don’t want to look at.

Who tells you to not take an interest in public affairs? Who tells you where the economy is going? Who tells you anything of value?

There is a poisonous attitude that lingers over ever phone obsessed commuter, every i phone toting dud, a public show. That’s the best gimmick to buy a $600 phone to show status when it only shows how much people are willing to conform, to ape. The conformist ape, the proto human simian.

Over the next few weeks, news will come out that will tax your conformist brain dead ideological slave mentality.  Do one thing, research it (not on google) and compare sources. Note who brings the news, note how many steps they are from the event or happening. Note how beneficial it is to them as opposed to you. Note who benefits in overall terms. Be discerning.

It sounds so simple…just think.

Try it. It’s refreshing.

I was once doing a lesson on “thinking and perception.”  A guy in the front row said to me, I’ve really not got much use for your stuff,. I rarely think. At the time, I was a little bemused, but as I go thru life, it seems more common than my younger self was capable of understanding.

So, after you’ve done your thinking. there is a step 2. Don’t go back to your phone, file that information away and relate it to your real world. Take time to do something slightly more than grazing. Just this once.





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