Pinteresting – Don’t you think?

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Pinteresting - Don't You Think?

                                         Why have 150 Pinterest Boards?

Pinterest is a powerful SEO tool with big advantages for brand building over more popular “in crowd’ siblings, Instagram and Snapchat. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

The power of visuals.

                                           Pinterest is a Visual “Search Engine”

Collaborative Boards

                                           Highest Social Media Click Through Traffic Results
                                           Female Friendly – about products, not followers
                                           Integrative Platform
                                           “Business” version
                                           SEO Monster
                                           Secret Boards – save interesting content for later
                                           Re-purpose and reuse content
                                           Share boards, share pins, combine platforms
                                           Move, copy and edit pins across multiple boards… now, what can Snapchat do again?
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