Our President too…

There was a time when two pictures hung in Irish houses. The first one was the JFK, the second one was the sacred heart or the catholic pope.  Kennedy was”one of our own,” a beacon for Irish people around the world. These days much of the history has been forgotten, but you’ll still find houses in out of the way places with soot blackened walls. A wrinkled old man will tell you about the picture, it’s reason for being there and JFK.  JFK and America are two tightly entwined ideas. The youth, energy and vigor enlivened a population.

There are many who attest to greatness on the sporting arena.  Many rise above their station. Many who come from wealth and go to wealth, without much fuss.

Few remain a cult figure fifty years after their untimely death.

The death of this man, the Kennedy curse, the death of JFK Jnr. have all been followed in my home country by people with a “passion” to make it right someday.

There is a deep wound that has not healed. It remains open.

In the aftermath of his death, the people who advanced in the US were of a type. The ones who succeeded them, the same, til we arrive today in 2019.

It was a collection. If you look backward, you will see the genesis of something, widen the telescope to Eisenhower you’ll see the same, and thence back to WW2, WW1 and before.

The point of it is 2020 is not an American election. It’s not Dems v Republicans. We know now that the globalist plan is “global”in scope.  We know what Five Eyes is. we know who picks the leaders. We see them damaging the water, food, vaccines, the education system, the democratic process.  We see the treacherous fiends in high offices in the US, UK, Europe and beyond.

We know the media is willing to destroy itself to stop Trump (and by extension the American people). We know Europe is will to break democracy  in order to keep the UK in Europe. We know children are trafficked for blood sacrifice.  We know the drugs that were delivered into inner city black america. We saw the bank bailout of 2007. We saw the wars of predation in the middle east. We see the alliance of dark forces. It is clear as day. This is what Trump has done brought Darkness into Light.

When Trump stood up in the UN this week, he stood under the all seeing eye and said, No. you shall not pass. He stood in their temple and drew a line in the sand.

The globalist plan is satanic, not in pejorative terms, but real people with a real religion and a real god who do evil as a means of elevating themselves in a system or hierarchy. It is a mafia system of kickback, payoffs and payola. Money drives the dance, but beneath the money is the desire to wipe humanity from the planet.  This was the “warning” of Kennedy and Eisenhower.

Ireland is my island. The Irish are my people. Many of them are the salt of the earth. They are not yet awake. When they do rise from their slumber there will be a reckoning.


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