Now that’s what I call a Reply @HarveyLloyd – You Stud!

Now that's what I call a Reply @HarveyLloyd - You Stud!

Sometimes you have to stand back in wonder (and do some further study). Epic.


“I have been enjoying your frontal assault on the aristocrats who feel that by some way of vision have the means to secure my happiness. I would like to introduce you to the belief system you are pointing to when you use the words good and evil.

Genesis 1-3 describes this, as i am sure that many religions do also. But Genesis has a unique feature attached. Within these verses exists the creation of Natural Grace and Natural evil. Implying a choice is available. It is not an all or nothing thing either. We weave aspects of good and evil into our lives. In the christian religion we believe that this process is called sanctification, a process that happens post salvation. I mention this only explain the path to managing evil in our lives. You can choose any system you wish.

In the christian world evil is something that naturally occurs, good people are all capable of evil. Evil people can not do the same. The two exist within our own free will. The basis for the choice is stated within the general understanding of our constitution. Each person is sacred as the Image of God is imprinted on them. Doing evil to one another is the path of evil that naturally exists. Applying grace to all is a process of good and represents the natural grace path.

Doesn’t matter what religion you believe, what does matter is the results of that religion. Make no mistake science has become a religion, the exact thing they have grown to resist. Should the result reduce the individual to a mere chunk of quantum energy fluctuations, the image of God is removed. Leaving a vacuum for evil.

The face of evil has been branded……..and its not what you think. Back in the dark ages forward the church experienced poor attendance and bad economics. They needed a way to motivate folks to come and give. They branded the devil. This very treacherous creature that would suck the eyeballs out of your children was created. This branding in the modern era has caused many movies, horror and evil hoards coming from the ground in the millions. This is not the devil of Biblical description.

Genesis three shows us the devil and how he works (evil). He is “crafty”. He twists truths by a small margin and lays it before the brain. This causes us to second guess the natural grace path. Through a process of precept upon precept he lays the foundations for the evolution of aristocrats. People who hold their ideals as sacred and not people. Without self determination within the natural grace path there is no COEXIST.

Politics has harnessed this branded evil and now harnessed its power in guilt and anger within the concept of self determination. This doesn’t end well and the sadness comes from history is replete with each time that evil gained a hold of whole civilizations, Romans, Israelite, Persians, Germans, Italians Americans of 1860-1968 and the list goes on across history.

Once self determination is replaced with any theories of how the world ought to be, history has declared its end.

I think you grasped the concept quite well according too my current understanding of the post. There was a long sting of facts and opinions concerning the current political climate. I too am becoming relegated to the compliance of someone who thinks that through elimination we can construct a better world. We cant subtract all that is wrong to build a right. This thought is a narrative that has played out over history, much to the loss of the humans.

The fight is always how can we use unifying language between humans to tackle tough issues. This, the law of addition, is the opposite of, the law of subtraction.

The short cut, law of subtraction, gives short term benifits. It separates into groups and the power consolidation phase begins. Which side wins. Doesn’t matter. Post revolution leaves the whole of population under the great leadership of someone and not ourselves.

The law of addition is difficult, challenging and very rewarding. It never ends though. The law of subtraction always ends. With all the benevolent folks who had my best interest at heart now enslaved with me under the new great leader. It is not a fact, the points i make, but i have not met any new information about history that doesn’t point to these outcomes. The law of subtraction never works. If removing evil from the planet requires elimination then who will be the last man standing?”

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