Moving Day

Moving day is coming

Your ability to move content outside the silo is decreasing rapidly.  The amount of people who see it within the silo is decreasing also. “Terms of service” seem to change on a daily basis. Anybody read terms of service?

Most of my third party sharing tools have been visibly weakened, or put behind a paywall.  It has increased markedly in recent months, to the point of rendering certain tools completely useless for a new user. Makes no sense in a competitive environment. It does though,  if you are actively censoring people for ideological reasons.

YouTube and FaceBook were the leaders in this trend (highest rank in the MIC leader board). The tactics has now moved across to Tumblr, Pinterest and others lower on the chain. Linkedin did most of their best work in the changeover to Microsoft and little Billie. You might note BeBee still has a defunct G+ sharing option and Linkedin removed you ability to share to groups.

Rule 1: Watch what they do, not what they say.

Twitter is funny in it’s efforts, doing things which cannot be attributed to an algorithm or to operator error. They’re screwed when the court cases come around.

Key tips: content is not king when nobody sees it.

I remember saying this before, many times, in fact.

Use multiple platforms. When my Twitter accounts get suspended (often), they leave me my content, but remove my followers immediately. On linkedin they removed the email addresses of my followers (citing that GDPR nonsense). On FB they’ve always done it (citing a myriad of spurious reasons).  You’re getting the drift. It’s not my creative genius, it’s about how many people I can reach (or not).


The US election of 2016 was not hacked by Russians. The prime suspects are right in front of you in their Pierre Cardin cardigans sipping frappamochalattes…

Process: remove your choices, give you “new” options, tell you those options are your only choices. You’ve been trained to con-form…and you will.
For those who don’t conform, here is a little cheat sheet…


Let’s Play!

Remember this …







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