The word “spell” is important. What does it mean? It means more than one thing, it has multiple meanings. We’ve seen how the spelling game has been used by @Potus to draw attention to certain topics, this is another variant.

If you’ve been following the work of Kelly Ann, or watching the Q drops, you’ll note the specific focus on spells as magical incantations, the use of lies, disinfo and misinfo to lure the population into traps, trips and falls (fails). We’ve also seen how images are used and also the use of encoded code within the image. Layers of meaning. Multiple meanings. Smoke and mirrors.

Watch this latest one… stemming from the use of Co r n ey instead of Comey in the IG report.

A tweet from @Incarcerated_ET who to this point has had 13 different twitter accounts, not because his memory is failing him, but they keep shutting them down. It happens to me too, but I am a little recidivist in this regard. This guy is over the target. That is why he gets the lights out scenario.

Full thread here…


“Whoever figured this out… You are amazing.
They avoided freedom of info requests due to misspellings.
Plain site, hidden.
Biden .. Biclen .. Bidan
Clinton .. ciinton .. clunkton
Bush .. boosh .. baush
Obama .. obarna .. oboma
Comey.. corney
It was there in front of us..
The Ukraine call with Obama.. when that ambassadors name was misspelled in the transcripts..
It was always there…
Comet pingpong???
Cornet plngpang??
This piece is a game changer…
Was the clue given to us from the DS. Drumph??
Mocking us..
Smocking us..
don’t forget
Nadler: nacller
Pelosi: Peiosi
and others.
Literally laughing at us with it right there.
Popcom ready
Lit’s cee sorne hayng’ns…. this a HUGE and could result in a lot of litigation and paybacks by corrupted contractors.



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