Memes Part II – Dogs

A Dog’s Life

Memes Part II - A Dog's Life

It has been a very funny 12 hours.

Demonrats are outing themselves everywhere. It’s comical and absurdist in equal measure. Low IQ media is not a joke.

Even @dim outed himself as a propagandist, following the party line that “fake stuff will appear online.”Will it @Dim? You’re connected. You’re in the loop like #SchiffoBrains and Nancy? You a real reporter, son?

I’ll just use some (among thousands)…

People like me are retweeting this thread. Twitter is removing the retweets. The know, we know.  Everybody is laughing at the faux sincere “reporters.” Their craven desire to dogpile on Trump. Their slavering, foam flecked, pursuit of his trouser leg, desperate to bring him down before he outs them all.

Beautiful. Even @Dim can understand (I hope).

You have to remember that these people (the media) give themselves spectacular “airs” and “graces.” The  joy is watching their abject buffonery in realtime. I know they are corrupt. Some of you may intuit that too. What you don’t see is quite how far they will go and how far their bosses want them to lower themselves. Over the last few days you’ve been treated to a buffet of bluffers.

Today is an”eye opener”in that regard, so many channels have given themselves over to the talking point of the day and been massacred by a solid barrage or memes, quips and quotes.

Last one, I swear…

OK, just 1 more…

My very last and favorite from today…

….OK, the very last.


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