Meme Warfare: Don’t think it works?

Meme Warfare: You don’t think it works?

Meme Warfare: You don't think it works?

You might not understand the value of memes yet. That is OK. It is far simpler (and deeper) than you think.

A picture is worth 1000 words.


Cartoons works because they simplify a complex messages. Funny becomes memorable. Memory and the story attached “adheres”(study that word). The value in humor is opening the mind to absurdity, to alternative perspectives, to changes in thinking. Powerful.

“…and the test of its effectiveness – lies in the conviction he projects to his audience, in the rapport he establishes with it.”

Gen Paul Vally (1980)

Take this most recent one… This  (below) was the WAPO headline on the 27th following the death of the ISIS leader in a US raid.

It’s absurdity has resulted in three days of editorials, headline changes and  a clearer understanding of where the media and their darlings sit than any amount of persuasive logic could achieve. Joe M tells you in written form that ISIS is an American construct owned and run by the C_A under Obama. WaPo is a C_A rag. Bezos is a C_A asshat. You don’t want to “understand” that so you reject it.

Take a look at the memes that followed…

The Daily Wire did a full piece on it here…but the point is people “don’t want to read”or be lectured to. It’s funny. “Hillarious.” Exactly the level of mockery that the Bezos owned, C_A backed clown show deserves happened organically (the best way).

            Ideas range from simple one liners to full on memes…

There has been three days of this stuff, so many more examples of creativity than these. The key point though is something more; each time you’re hit with one of these memes, it tells the story again; subtext, context, pretext and text. This is the power of absurdity in pursuit of truth…it mocks them by mirroring them.


Ref: ( Jan 28, 2018)

From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory  by – Colonel (now Ret.Gen.) Paul E. Valley

Commander – with – Major Michael A. Aquino PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader (1980)


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