Meme War Pt III …This kind of Winning must be stopped

 If they shut down the internet tomorrow (which is the intention), we can create a meme museum and house a full collection there for all humanity.

The level of artistic excellence on display is getting better by the week. This one by A.F. Branco came out long before Epstein actually did “kill himself.” I liked it then and it gets better with time.

You know I like Ben Garrison, that’s a given. But there are so many others…

This is just a round up from today…

Carpe Donkum does a Ruth Bader Ginsberg Star Wars mashup (video):

Donny Danko pulls off this one…

Richard Bucknam on “The Avengers”

drefanzor going with an ilhan Omar (video) theme  …

Over on YouTube LT decoding SerialBrain2 has been creating some of the most amazing moving art for over two years…

Partrick Mack too…

Both of these are producing movie quality work, on top of their research, which is also excellent.

Of course there are thousands of simple funny memes that deliver a punchy message. This one from QTAnon:

This one was clever and very topical -the ultimate in “growth hacking” (not my fave phrase). It was reshared by someone, so whoever did it kudos to you.

Even (the last few) Democrat voters try their hand. Although they often miss the “fun” part (which is telling). This one was good (I thought), being triggered by the NYT No.1 best selling Triggered : ). I think they printed out an actual cover and went into a real store to do it (looks like a pro pretending to be amateur. Note the light blue binding and the dark blue binding).

So, is there a point to this ramble, yes.

What you are witnessing is a rebirth of grafitti and political art. The fake social conscience of the Banksy movement faltered, but this stuff keeps getting better and better. The more they try and shut down the medium, the more it will improve, grow and flourish. Trump is actually the “daddy”of this stuff. His Nickelback LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH” one got taken down after many millions of hits…putting him in the Meme Hall of Fame, Suma Cum Laude. Taking it down signified the degree of butthurt achieved, scoville scale: Eye watering.

Creativity takes courage.

Matisse (LT)


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