“It’s a political post and shouldn’t be on here.”

Let me give you the back story, Donald Trump had a major military success, bloodlessly removing a senior commander intent on causing damage.  Another account posted a Charlie Kirk post on Linkedin and I re shared it. This was the post:

  As usual with Charlie it’s pithy and on point.

A guy took exception to the post on Linkedin on two points.

“A.This is a professional networking site

B. It’s a political post and shouldn’t be on here.”

Jimmy Big Ball’s: profession” “Senior Digital Marketing Executive Independent News & Media.

This is the kind of thing they do, argument from authority, bluster and bravado and hope nobody sees the bluff.

Now, there is nothing in the world better than a condescending little twit to put a bit of fuel in the fire, but this one was a gombeen with an agenda. He was repping Hillary’s No.1 boy in Ireland, Denis O’Brien.

I kept the tone mild to start with, not wanting to startle my wayward little dear.

Unfortunately the little darling disappeared and we haven’t been able to locate him by his spoor.

Next time!

I finished with a nice little montage for my new friend…


He hasn’t replied yet. But here’s to new friendships with the Irish Times!







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