Information Warfare: The first casualty of war is truth

I once received a note from a cheap irish whore to keep my nose out of the Lyra McKee killing. At the time I knew this lowlife only as a mercenary by the name of Declan Cosgrove. Triggerman, muck savage, low level grunt, not a capo. Filed for future reference. Noted. In the old IRA days; “… you were warned.”

But why did she die? The only person killed at a “riot.” When I attacked the big mouth Buzzfeed video director on it he clammed up? Interesting, eh. People telling ya to keep yer mouth shut about an “accidental” death of an Irish reporter makes you suspicious. Time will tell.

Contact tracing: Why are the Clintons so into it. What does it have to do with Haiti? Denis O’Brien, an Irish POS.  The death of a young lady called Monica Peterson. The death of the beautiful wife of Dr. Richard Epstein, Misti Dawn Vaughn. The untimely, and strange, deaths of Michael Hastings, Lyra McKee, Seth Rich, Justice Scalia, Madeleine McCann and many, many, others. What has any of this to do with the Clintons et al., you might ask? Maybe nothing, maybe everything.

But the Clintons did recently start funding “contact tracing”? Who knew Killary was a tech geek?

Well what better excuse for the waffen SS than coming to your house, taking you, then claiming you died from the “virus”? Perfect, no need to worry about disposal or anything. A mafiosi wet-works dream.

What has the ex president and his satanic witch of a wife got to do with “the virus”? Concerned citizens they, most certainly, ain’t. Their plan to bring rockefellar/rothschild fascism, WWIII and armageddon. These fuck ups? Yep.

Let’s say you were running human trafficking out of the Carribbean. You might want your own comms company, eh? Who better than your fat Irish friend, Denis? Did Denis O’Brien get the nod to run Digicel?  Is the same Irish goofball indirectly, or directly, responsible for the death of Peterson using exploited comms? Or was it some cheap local hoods? Maybe the NSA knows. I’m sure they do.

Did the Clintons and their neo colonial pals rape Haiti? What was Haiti used for? Why do all these sick bastards have Caribbean islands? Why is the US navy currently running a major “trafficking op” in exactly this location?

Why does the average person not understand mobile technology, triangulation, satellites coverage and the power of data? It’s not hard. Convenience is a killer.

If I wanted to send in some MS -13 hitmen to kill Seth Rich, how would I contact them? They can’t turn up in my office. Would I use a cut out? Yes. How would I get those hitmen removed afterwards? We know, they dead in a car soon after. So, the contact trace goes something like this, my guy gets 187d, his phone is triangulated. His last calls are known. He was robbed, nothing taken and he is directly tied to the extraction of data from the DNC. Wikileaks boss. Julian Assange pretty much admits it. Assange then gets the full nine yards. You don’t ned to be a genius here, some simple steps will get you moving. None of the parties works via carrier pigeon, they use tech, usually burner phones. Their weakness is the active phone within it’s network. Once live, it’s on the grid. Live feed.

Monica Peterson:

It’s almost a certainty that Petersen’s conclusions were starting to be corroborated and she was going to use the information to affect Hillary Clinton’s chances in the 2016 Presidential Election. Petersen stated herself in January as she was discovering the Clinton connections to Haiti:

Hillary Clinton is just as bad as Donald Trump! Who knows what she’ll do once she’s in office?! #fucked


Since Hillary Clinton involved the State Department in Cambodia human trafficking and sex slavery has remained not only prevalent, but possibly even grown.(20) In fact, according to Cambodian police:

The big business of selling prepubescent girls to foreign pedophiles for thousands of dollars still exists, though it looks very different than it did a decade ago.

The days of brazen selling with a storefront are gone. The underground business, though, is thriving.

Source: Washington Post

You might be picking up the hints here. All these people were in close proximity to phones. Those phones were tagging data, places, locations, contacts, networks. They were being tracked by teams. In the case of Hastings, he was doing work on McCrystal and moving on the CIA and Brennan. The same McCrystal that is now working with DARPA to combat Trump, according to the WaPo:”Stanley McChrystal, seeks to compete with the president’s online megaphone. … open-source technology initially incubated with funding from DARPA” WaPo, McCrystal, DARPA, C_A and his car suddenly explodes?

The same DARPA that recently got a little sniffy over being called out on their lifelog/Facebook issues, getting bitchslapped  in  the process by a double olympian.

Technology is the choke chain here. Once you escape the matrix, you’ll get it easily. They want everything mapped onto the tech. The tech itself is the tyranny. It is a technology of tyranny designed by tyrants. That word, tyrant, is important. By moving your world onto their tech, they win.  You’re not you anymore,  you’re 2D you, even 1D you, if needed. Click – All – Delete.

So, let’s wrap this one. Here is my conjecture: Hastings car was taken over via  the ECU in his car.  He wa driven into a tree. The car was brand new.

Seth Rich was a contract killing. The contract killers later disposed of, but he didn’t die on the street. He survived till the hospital. Current CNN commetator Donna Brazille knows.

Lyra McKee was taken out. She was intending to tell all. Whoever she confided in knows. There was some strange traffic on Belfast Twitter accounts that would be worth looking at very soon after her death. The PSNI in Northern Ireland is corrupt, maybe too corrupt to track this.

Monica Peterson was about to go live on the child trafficking. She was removed by locals. It was badly done. The parents were not allowed see the body.

9 of the 12 NYPD cops that saw the Weiner laptop are dead. How were they tracked?

C’mon, you can do it.

The question of who tracked them is much simpler. Who benefits from shutting them up?  I’ll leave that one to you.

I would like you to widen your focus into the chinese credit score system and Google. Mandatory vaccines, nano tech and 5G. They are all connected. “A conspiracy” fact.


Invest in Faraday Pouches for your phones… especially when you leave home.

If you can’t get one, power it down and put your phone inside a microwave or fridge when not in use.

Disable all sensors and permissions.

Revert all updates to Pre-2020.

Remove social media apps.

Switch to analog connection.

Factory reset all data and settings, then toggle all your secure settings while in safe-mode & airplane-mode… before ever logging in.

Put a piece of tape over the cameras.

VPN’s & Proxies are useless.

Use Brave browser.

ROOT your phone.

Disable background data & process use for EACH app.

Force Stop & Disable EACH noncritical app or process.

Disable your constellation scanning and emergency services.

Disable automatic updates.

Disable biometrics.

Disable voice imput.

Do not install themes or free apps.

Disable sync/backups.

Do not take online/fb surveys.

Do not upload pics of you or your peers, family, pets, vehicles, tats, places.

Install a ‘walking’ GPS emulator. Set it for the same ZIP code code but not near where you frequent.

Do not use Hotspot, Bluetooth, NFC, Quickshare, etc.

If at all possible, use a prepaid phone.

Pay CASH for a Visa gift card, then but a new phone each month w new numbers and new accounts each time.

*NEVER* log into an old account on a new phone/number.

I will put it to you like this:

I can track of you visit my tweets. I run a trace. I get your constellation history done to the exact ROOM/FLOOR of your home.

I send a script to your phone that says I’m your service provider… I tell it that there’s an Amber Alert for you…

…your phone then automatically gives me your number, location history, browser history, social media backdoors, SSN, biometrics, fingerprints, billing info, and even some other *classified AF* secret info it’s collected on you.

THEN it does the same with your top 5 contacts.

So now that I have an entire profile on you that’s even more concise than the background checks than the FBI uses for hiring…

I turn your cameras and microphones on.

If I dont get what I want, I bounce thru all the OTHER devices around… coffee makers, TVs, Routers, Alexa…

Oh… and everyone else’s phones and tablets and even their headphones/speakers.

BTW I can take ANY speaker connected to something w internet/signal, into a microphone too.

Even if I can’t *HEAR* anything… don’t worry, I can run the video through an alg that can translate the SLIGHTEST changes in pixelation on something like a chip bag or a window, into usable audio.

Seriously… there’s an app for that.

Oh and soooo THEN if you somehow make THAT difficult for me… I can use your phones proximity sensors to tell what sites your one thanks to the ambient glow from the screen.

And like the wrapper trick, I can also use the slight changes in gradient light to know your heart rate.

I can keylog you with 90% accuracy by measuring the slight tilt of each keystroke…

Which I do thru the gyroscope sensor & MIC.

I can THEN also trigger psychological cues by analyzing all these factors(& more). I can make you THINK & FEEL how I want you to…

For instance, I can run an algorithm with your typo rate X WPS thro… along with the gyroscope data & how each of the 100+ muscles in your face move… to figure out your general emotional state.

I can then pay attention to the things you stared at & track your eye movement…

And blink rate… and refraction of your eyeball during these different emotional states…

and THEN… you’re gonna hate THIS…

I can EVEN use the Doppler Effect in monitoring how your *BRAINWAVES* modulates your cellphone’s signal when those waves bounce back to your phone.

And then your phone interprets the patterns to literally read your mind.

If you were ever wondering how FB seems to conveniently show you ads or posts of things you were JUST thinking about… that’s why.

THEN your phone can even determined any undiagnosed/underlying changes in health by all these things… PLUS changes in your eating habits, how frequently you drink or go pee(yes it knows)… and even your purchasing habits.

Your phone can even tell if a woman is on her period or pregnant by the types of MEN she pays attention to/interacts w on social media.

Not to mention what kinda drugs you’re on… and I’m not just talking about texts to your plug… food, vitals, typing, music, art, activity…

Yep all THAT

plus a lot more… driving analytics… etc.

Take the ability to pull ALLLLLL that day up on ANYONE in the world in ONE REPORT… in less than 30 minutes…

Times that by EVERY single device in your Home/Block/City/State/Country…

THEN make them do all THAT to each other, FOR YOU…

THAT is “contact tracing”.

Oh and if you havent noticed… if ANYONE is gonna find a way to exploit or weaponize a technology against anyone, it’s gonna be the government.

And you can bet that if *THEY* can do it, criminals can too.

And if they can use it to target enemies, they can use it to target YOU.

‏@Ghost_Warrior_L  Twitter  – May 7, 2020.


Refs (when the enemy is selling you, you’re winning)



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