Info for the dis-interested

This info for the dis-interested

You might not have noticed it, but things are heating up.

 A few weeks ago the EU (fakes, there is no actual european union) sent out an open call for a “disinformation Tsar. The objective is to use your money to buy propagandists for their dying fascist cause.
What Martin is saying is that an ordinary person networked to another ordinary person can transfer truth far faster than these giant corporations and “supra-national” entities. It is the Chinese water torture of information. Drip, drip, drip. They want to stop it, fast.
Quick note, I’m not isolationist, nationalist, white suprmeicist, anti -anythingist, mysogynist or “right wing” (whatever that means).  I have a Bulgarian wife, an English daughter and have travelled widely. I’m simply not into the shit they’re feeding me.

” On 1 October 2019, the Commission launched the first call for tenders for the creation of the European Digital Media Observatory. The call for tenders of up to €2.5 million is the first real step towards the implementation of a European hub to fight disinformation online.”

Remember these are the same losers that put that gd pr “privacy” nonsense on every public website I visit, with the added benefit of stopping me accessing information that I want on the basis of my location. Regulations, not laws (a point for the observant). They love immigration, but hate information? Easy to join, impossible to leave? Bailout the banks, but leave countries in austerity? Want an EU army? Of course, what better use is there for our people than fodder for banker wars. These people have far more problems than solutions. And they don’t want you to know it.

Did the Nazis lose the second world war? Where did mengele go? Where was operation paperclip? Is the EU a totalitarian project? Find the answers, they matter, your life may depend on knowing the truth.
The fakiest of the fakes, the CFR, went off in search of same golden goose on the same topic this month.  On both sides of the pond at the same time, I’d say that is a cooincidence. But there’s more…
All these future fakers looking to hire more professional future fakers? Take a note of no.5: “foreign disinformation – the plot to kill 5G” interesting how that got there (P1,GgL) – off topic, but interesting.

Barack Soetero has been warning people that “deepfakes” were out there. He did happen to be popping up quite often with incriminating videos at public events. Google then did the wonderful public service of releasing more deepfakes. How nice of them. And timely, too.
Very doublethinky: ” On Tuesday, Google released an open-source database containing 3,000 original manipulated videos as part of its effort to accelerate the development of deepfake detection tools.”

Hillary, the wicked witch, said yesterday that…(below). What she is alluding to is the videos that were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. A set of videos that may be linked to the “suicides” of a number of NYPD police officers. These are videos that made career police officers sick (…and suicidal, apparently).

The US army is in on the act as well.
This collection of yes men (and ladies) were on topic as well…
So, what is the point. The point is very simple…

                           The lies are being exposed. They can’t stop the truth.

If all the scumbags are lining up telling you not to believe your ears and to distruxt your eyes, you’d have to say, of course, Mas’r, three bags full, Mas’r.  Here are the barking dogs doing their bit (Read Left to Right)…


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