How low can you go bar just hit a snag. It’s bottomed out.

I had a little sequence that nicely encapsulates a simple idea. They just lie. That’s it. Simple.

My mother is a simple soul. She attends church on Sundays (check that word), never read a non fiction book cover to cover, is sincerely devoted to X factor, tight with money, yet credits herself with successfully turning a free farm into a non working free farm thru EU subsidies. I’m aware of what she is and have never been blind to it. She has good qualities too.  That is the situation with most people, it’s not either/or, you tend to need to see “body(s) of work.” Not in the killing lot’s of people way (my mother would ask my father to do that, if needed), no in that just plain, plodding, quite evident “out for No.1 only” way.

Hillary Cinton seems similar in many respects. People tend to drop dead around her (a lot). Husband was (actually) impeached. Friends and donors convicted of sex crimes, trafficking. Implicated in the unneccesary deaths of US special forces in Benghazi, DNC server, Uranium 1, and on, and on, and on.

It’s hard to be blind to her numerous “masterpieces.” Many people want you to be, it seems. Here is a recent case in point…good buddy Jeff (no not Epstein, glad you brought it up though) here, is moving in on elections.   He has deep links thru AWS with C_A, appears to be currying favor with the cabal in the hope of becoming santas little helper after swineherder soros dies, or gets retired.

So, Jeff and the Washington Post found … absolutely nothing. Zilch. Move along now folks.  “The fabled Post”   .


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