His Master’s Voice – The dog and the Gramophone

I always had this uneasy feeling with the HMV logo. It seemed to address a deeper narrative and appeared a little too often on the High Street and in print for my liking. The power of a revolving record and people’s willingness to listen in docility. The loudspeaker and the megaphone have a similar affect. That heavy droning bass cadence. The type of dog another one (the domesticated house pet). It hits at a place where image drives towards poetry, a combination so nicely arranged that it makes sense on many levels.

There is a control and command element to it. One of the quotes I found online; This phrase signifies a deeply ingrained master-servant relationship.” http://www.metaphordogs.org/Dogs/entries/hismastr.html

Ingrained is important too. The idea of the record as a thing ingrained and it’s circular path grooved into the consciousness. Modern man is a domesticated beast, he or she is conditioned to the comforts of modern life. The master and servant dynamic is also one that is ingrained in our collective unconsciousness. Do you see where these ideas come to intersect?

You may never think of it, but command and control systems operate quite effectively on our unconsciousness. We don’t consciously feel the need to think about breathing. It just happens. Just as the record travels around and around our breathing follows a cadence or a rhythm. We use heuristics, or models of thinking, grooved into patterns or trained into us via repetition.

“This turn of phrase is still used today. In a July 25, 2000 New York Times news article, reporter Warren Hoge describes the role of Alastair Campbell, press spokesman for British Prime Minister Tony Blair, this way: “Campbell likes to call himself ‘his master’s voice,’ but to the growing number of government critics, he is a master ‘spin doctor.’…”reference 3 Here we see not only the evocation of the dog listening to the phonograph, but also a turnabout in which the dog becomes the disc jockey, spinning the wax.” http://www.metaphordogs.org/Dogs/entries/hismastr.html

Tony wasn’t stopping after Iraq, he was on another, far bigger, mission. He is hated though. In the UK if you get jeered at the WI, you’ve really fucked it. https://inews.co.uk/news/uk/tony-blair-slow-hand-clapped-by-the-womens-institute

You might want to study the work of Bernays, Goebbels and BF Skinner, they’ve got a bit to say on the subject of mass manipulation. It comes down to “training” and repetition but has a deeper layer too, in archetypal symbols, culture hacking and control of “The narrative.”

‘Goebbels adapted recent developments in commercial advertising to the political sphere, including the use of catchy slogans and subliminal cues.[60] His new ideas for poster design included using large type, red ink, and cryptic headers that encouraged the reader to examine the fine print to determine the meaning.[61]“https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Goebbels

The narrative is the accepted story, the official version of events. It is the “tale that is told,”

If you’re looking at social engineering (I do, I’m a marketing guy), so many images are associated with a sexy girl or the color red. None of this is happenstance. We follow these visual cues. Red is a cue for danger. We even have a physical response pattern to it.  The same for the curvy buxom woman on the cover of a magazine or draped over a car bonnet. Whatever the “feminists” say, it is a form of advertising designed to attract the attention of young men and young women. That is its purpose, to symbolize youth, vitality, sexuality and desire.  The emotion is desire. The image presents “objects”of desire.

The HMV one has a “fascist” feel to it. It denotes multiple strands of docility, obedience, listening and a host other ideas on that theme. It has a logo or symbolic element (the public use of it as a logo for a record company makes sense). The logos or sloganic value should not be missed. This is image poetry. It carries far more information than a text. Think of the Kitchener/Uncle Sam one; “I want you…”

I was reading about Fascism just now on wikipedia and the logic of the piece was that Fascism was a right wing nationalist ideaology. From my reading of current events, all this left wing double speak that we’re currently getting “can’t” be Fascist. I would disagree on the basis that the globalist agenda has quite happily engaged violence for its ends (Syria, Iraq, Eqypt, Lybia and Ukraine to think of a few recent cases) using both political sides of the political divide to drive one overarching objective.  Old words don’t quite apply to the “combination” of media, alphabet agencies and global banks. It is an old threat and a consistent one, but it has come to the fore after WWII. There has always been combinations of state power, media and paramilitary elements, now it’s just become bigger. It’s bigger because private banks print your money, alphabet agencies operate on your money plus proceeds from their other businesses and Western media has fallen into very few hands.

You must study images. They are very powerful. Your brain operates on symbols and deeply layered constructs of meaning.  Why is the swooping image of wings from above used in those American psy-ops movies? The archetypal fear in humans is of things which either swoop from the sky or slither on the ground. We have an emotional “fear” response to that outline of wings in our peripheral vision. Many centuries before we could write text the image of a “swooping thing” could scare us.  Jordan Peterson makes the point that “dragons” are a combination of scales (reptilian), wings (birds of prey) and breathing fire (things that sting or burn) … If you take those images and apply them to the output of Hollywood movies, you’ll see the same motifs popping up over and over.

We react emotionally to these elements. They’ve used the element of fire and swooping wings in one construct. They’ve applied the same motif to the date “911” (meaning emergency, crime, disaster, fire, flood, hospital and chaos to Americans) and spread those images across all the media in the Western world. They did this beforehand too, priming you for the event before it happened.  They’ve added the motif of a “man in a cave” or the hidden enemy and characterized a particular group as responsible for this event (while invading countries not associated with the attack). Let’s say you’re a reasonable person (using reason to drive your actions) Riddle me this grasshopper; how did building 7 disappear?

If you feel uneasy with those questions and ideas you probably know the answer. The question then becomes: qui bono? Who gains. Many asked for a public trial. This is what happens in a functioning democracy.  Engineers questioned the falling buildings. Regular people asked, nobody answered.  You know the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, well it might be time to read it.

This time round the weapon of choice is media. They bludgeon you with it day after day.  Because it’s digital they never need to hit pause. It plays an endless loop till eternity.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.






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