Hierarchy: The name of the game

This post is probably going to be the last in this sequence. It deals with hierarchy (the keystone) and control.

This is the overarching idea of the pyramid.

Political control over people is a pyramid. It can be viewed in it’s 3D form, with two of the sides hidden, or the standard 2D form.  The illuminati pyramid (or all seeing eye pyramid,… it has lots of names) has one distinguishing element; the top rank is disconnected from the rest. It sits above, one step removed. You could look into the archetyping for that, but let’s keep it on the base level for now.

In terms of it’s meaning, let’s look at real world hierarchies.  If you follow sports (a typical pyramid), military, academia, media, business or politics, you’ll note that the top rank control entities do not “represent” the will of the lower ranks, while often scooping up a significant amount of the profits from the work of the many.  This type of pyramid is designed for the many to support the few.  It might seem strange if it happened once, but when it the most common social model, you’d have to ask why, wouldn’t you?

If we look at the fictitious European Union entity;  how does a small group of bankers and associated hangers-on get to manipulate and control entire countries, even continents? One of the tricks is deception. The other is manipulation and distributing control. Like all good scam artists, they’ll initially sound plausible until they’ve got your confidence.

The deception is building the pyramid higher and higher localizing control in the levels of ranking and the distance-/+proximity from the people.  When you first see the European Coal and Steel Community, it was a direct response to shortages of these materials in the post world war II economy. The stated purpose; to make transactions for these materials easier in a decimated continent, made sense. One version of history has it that these models were already there, waiting patiently to be used, put into play at a the most opportune moment…but I digress).

The next level was the EEC, the European Economic Community. This entity moved a step higher in the hierarchy, developing on the term “community” (closer to communist), introducing social elements to the mix and widening the scope of the original supra national enterprise. Remember now there are two layers of  activity in play; trade + economics and social engineering. The next step was dispensing with “economic” and calling it the EC (European Community). Ask why they dropped “economic”? Because they were taking steps, each step is farther from the original truth and you need to be able to cover your tracks while “envisioning”new outcomes (creating fantasies/phantasies).

We’re close now to seeing what is in play, they’ve moved three steps and dispensed with the initial gambit (moving adroitly from the real to the fantasy). From now on it’s going to be full on manipulation and deceit, widening the base and adding extra ranks, levels and height to the overall structure. We see at this stage that local reps get more value from supporting the overarching structure, keeping the locals in their respective countries as blind as possible, while transferring control of resources and power to the “mother ship, or cancer of the body politic, if you prefer” (Looking at a pyramid from the top, the top rank will be the center point).

The last phase is the EU phase; full union, where national sovereignty is dispensed with, where there is no more “taxation with representation and supra national entities control key elements of the structure. One of the elements at that point is the introduction of a “European Army”- a force of central control at the behest of the power elite.  This power elite does not need to “own” anything, they are simply middlemen and women diverting resources and capital from one country to another and placing it somewhere else, using politics to increase their control. This is a key trick; foundations, trusts, groups and banks, the original designers of the plot have this stuff in their back pocket for centuries.

Ask why they dropped community in favor of “union”?

Watch the movement and steps to power: very slowly moving the goalposts in plain view until they get overall control – ECSC, EEC, EC, EU (EU Army, police, courts, legislature and President) using mass immigration (no cultural or national identification – manipulating the vote), fake central currency (moving state backed currency to useless paper), central regulations (not laws), control of messaging and media (deception) in association with global elites (they didn’t appear from nowhere – this game is ancient).

There is one further element to add to the mix; the monopoly power. When companies, supra national organisations get so big that there is no competition, then the pyramid is complete. This is one of the reasons you’ll see big companies being backed by banks to eat other big companies, power is “power over people.” The more higher ranking people under your control, the more powerful your overall control on the pyramid.

When you see the final structure in place it is monolithic. Power is located in the hands of very few entities, often hidden and subversive, distributed along ratlines of control. It is a ship of doom controlled from the crow’s nest, often by a real-life king or queen.

Do you for one second think that English speaking Irish guys or German speaking German women think of themselves as “european union”subjects (not citizens)? Fuck no. Yet, by using all the means of deception, manipulation and deceit available, they’ve fictionalized this very outcome, creating a false reality among many. Do these people represent me, hell no.

They’ve managed to destroy the Greek economy.

They’ve managed to get youth unemployment in Spain to 50%

They’ve managed to get a “bank bailout” from Irish taxpayers

They’ve managed to stall Brexit (till now)

They’ve manged to bring a fiat central currency to europe

They’ve managed to drive mass immigration

They’ve managed to develop a treacherous political class loyal to Brussels.

And more…

One thing to note is that I am not telling you to go out and destroy all hierarchy. Hierarchy has a valuable and central place in our societies.  Complete destruction is nihilistic nonsense peddled by feminazis and their ilk to create more division and build out their victim narrative (perpetrator, rescuer, victim triad – different game). What I’m asking is that you look at the people on that hidden level beneath the figurehead. Those nameless, unseen, individuals who work to dilute the accountability between the top rank and the rest of the pyramid, what I call the greasy layer (others call it the glass ceiling). these are the people to keep a good eye on (even though they’ll do everything possible to avoid it.

What I’m saying is to retain your sovereignty within that hierarchy, remember your worth, value or vote. Do not smile and nod, do not go blindly into other peoples groups or plans. Take your buying decisions seriously, learn, use hierarchies to your advantage. Understand citizenship, law, money and governance. Know the value to you of a particular hierarchy.

You should ask questions.

How do banks work?

Why is national sovereignty important?

Why is national currency important?

Why is national law important?

Why is control of immigration important?

Why is control of the local political process important?

Why is control of media important?

What are corporations, NGOs, WTA, IMF, UN, World Bank, Vatican? How and where do they operate?

Why is personal sovereignty important?

Why is death important?

Why is debt important?


If you can’t answer these questions you’re not trying hard enough. If you can, you can apply them to the globalist agenda quite easily.

Last question…how do you invert the pyramid? They’ve already told you the answer. The pyramid (hierarchy) is not connected to them (the elite) it rests on you, and only you. Think. They don’t do the work. The take the result of your labor and redistribute it to an elite – the pure communist dystopia or the purist form of hyper capitalism; the bosses control all.  You see it’s not right or left, it’s totalitarianism.

They are parasites.




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