Got a cognitive dissonance prescription #2020 LandSlide


A shill. There are lots of them on this and other platforms. Why are they on social media platforms? Because social media is an effective communication device, as simple as that.

I asked my last contract a number of times: Why does Trump use Twitter?

It is a simple question, there are many, many social media platforms but the No.1 guy, who runs a country uses “free”at the point of use media. Study the question. The answer given by his detractors is that his followers (the American people) are stupid, he is a “moron” (his kids aren’t morons, neither is his wife, neither is his team, neither are Candice Owen, Jim Jordan, Lewendowski, Gaetz, Nunes, Giuliani and the rest of the crew) and he is getting lucky with the economy, foreign relations and the “stupid people.”

What about his opponents? How credible are they? It appears the media don’t even focus on his opponents any more. Why is that? Why this obsessive focus on one guy …in “a balanced media.” Not even the dogs on the street believe the media is balanced.  The dogs on the street are aware that the media is a propaganda arm of the D party.

Let’s answer a key question with actual numbers…

Donald Trump 65 million subscribers on Twitter

Candace Owens 1.73 million followers on Twitter

Jim Jordan  762k followers on Twitter

Corey Lewendowski 468K followers on Twitter

Matt Gaetz 198K followers on Twitter

Devin Nunes 609k followers on Twitter

Rudy Giuliani 499k followers on Twitter

There are many more, but the point is people are watching, in real time. They’re not watching CNN, they’re following “alternative media”

Glenn Beck

Dan Bongino  282K subscribers on YouTube Twitter  1.24 million

X22 Report 482k subscribers on YouTube

and many more…

This is why those channels, Twitter and YouTube have been censoring search results, censoring producers, demonetizing channels. Twitter is stopping and undoing retweets (because a Retweet is a share from your page, which widens the network effect), blacklisting accounts and removing followers (I’ve personally had over 4k followers removed from my twitter account in the months of August -September in automated batches). If Trump is such a fool, why are all these major players trying so hard to stop people from listening to him?

This is why, real time information direct from the source.

We can verify and discern the moves. The power of new media is in the numbers.  Trump and some of the smartest people on the planet have kept you informed for the last three years why the “legacy” media withers on the vine. The now only report second hand information (note the whistleblower saga).

This is a full stadium of actual people, not fake accounts, not shills, not dead voters who rose and signed their chit. This is what they fear the most. I told you the mayor was going to call in the goon squad…

When you have the message that Trump has, the numbers his is generating across the board, you have to look at the legacy media, the people who are trying to discredit him and those who breath nonsense on this and other channels.

Think for yourselves, do not be herded by the complicit media. Watch how “Vanity Fair””cast spellings (using words, images and associations of power),”driving their subversive agenda beneath the veneer of saccharine, showing you who is involved, who is to be lauded and who to follow (like sheep)…

This is truth:

He’s telling it like it is: the con game is right in front of your eyes, open them.


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