Games People Play – Bitter Lemons

Jack won today. He shut my accounts down. He did it using a simple trick: problem, reaction, solution. The problem: “we’re asking you to verify your account via phone because there is unusual activity.” Reaction: Verify using phone  Solution: phone verification doesn’t work, account remains shut down, support team do not address the issue, account is suspended – game over.

It’s fine. I don’t mind. But @Jack is faking out the rest of you. By silencing the voice of the opposition, the argument is not won. In fact, you might say, it’s an indication that their argument is already lost.

Ultimately it’s the Hegelian dialectic. The “left” are permanent losers. Their collectivist nonsense is just that, nonsense. I’m going to be very simple here. You’ll say I’m not allowed have multiple accounts. Says who? Doesn’t @Jack get to have the prime real estate on my feed? On your feed? Don’t his ads hit everyone on the platform? Isn’t he a multi-millionaire? Why does he want to fix the result? Ultimately, he is a fake.

But you’re not allowed use automation tools? All those scripts, those 3rd party apps, the “tricks” you use.  You’re not supposed to be smarter than “us”? You shouldn’t be more skilled, more savvy, more in tune with what the internet is about? You should be like us, the horde, the dumb ones who do as they told, the selfie takers, the dinner eaters. You should be a “team player,”follow out rules.

Doesn’t jack. I see the same ads you do. Do you think each time a person signs up for Twitter, a guy manually adds a name to a file. Grow up. Conformism is your creed, not mine. I think.

But you’re not an influencer, you’re not important, have status, why should you get to be “putting your message out there”?

Really? You see, eventually it comes down to who has the power.  In this case Jack has the power to silence my voice for a political purpose, his own.

All their fluffy socialist nonsense comes down to that, who can coerce. They’re not about liberty, they’re about tyranny. Their leftist collectivist shtick is about giving them a base of fools.  Even though they control all the best cards, they still want to rig the game in their favor. That is the root.

I have the power of a large audience. I built that audience. Each follower clicked on my account. It was personal choice. They want to take that away.

So, when they tell you carbon tax is a good thing, ask why? Of all the possible options, they tax the working class, seems odd.  when they tell you the Oz fires were not man made and your water is polluted “coz stuff”and you should take their word for it

So, when I beat @Jack at his own game what happens. They cheat. They say we’re doing this for “your privacy, security, data protection.” All lies. Then when that doesn’t work they close your account by creating a fictional “issue” that they have to resolve, this issue puts you in their control paradigm.  They close your account (or accounts) based on lies.

The value is shutting down a dissenting voice. I know Justin Barrett’s account (Irish Nationalist Party) was shut down a few weeks ago. The person who did that is Irish. They knew what they were doing.  More importantly they knew they would get away with doing it, nobody would “grass” them up.  They’re working inside, they’re part of the game. They’re sleazy little wretches, like Jen Gennai, and that ilk. I know them well.

I have big accounts in the Irish market.  I am a dissenting voice, obviously the little genii are getting on with the same trick, only this time on multiple accounts. They are election tampering, but on a much more human level, it’s personal.

They did it to my personal account a few weeks ago (shut it down) even though I never changed anything, have had the same phone for the last three years. Their account security process failed to work. I sent 6 different contacts to their support team. My account was only unlocked when I added legal counsel in copy. What this indicates to me is that a real person locked me out, they built a “fake” account recovery process and the support channel is monitored by real people who know exactly what they are doing, which leads me back to the hypothesis that this is organised, local and done purposefully. So…

So, what is their objective? Shut me down. Meaning? Stop me from sharing, generating an audience, connecting with others. When, you say connecting? Connecting means at root to share, to build knowledge, to pass on information, to move past the control and command structure they want to build into to reality and mentality.


Liberty? Yes, liberty. The same people who steal it, initially sold it as what they were offering (see devil in the bible – follow me and I will give you all this …). The initial european “ideals” were free movement of people goods and capital (ideas too – but they stopped ideas with their GDPR nonsense, if you believe it was for stopping spammers check your inbox) …no these people are liars, cheats and thieves. In some cases they are worse, they are state backed scum bent on your captivity…like soviet Russia. If they do kick all the thinkers off their platforms, that’s fine. We’ll build new platforms, new venues, new ideas and start the cycle again. After all, it wasn’t these people who dreamed, they’re not capable, nightmares are their business.

I never broke anyone’s rules. In fact I’ve done nothing wrong. @Jack has. His people have. That is what it comes down to. The corruption is on the side of the “collectivists,”the ones who collected the data that you and I shared, the ones who did what the communists always do, preach solidarity, but really are working for an elite. Community rules, guidelines, all a crock. What they do is aggregate the means of production and siphon off the results into their own pockets.

When @Jack fails, as they all do eventually, it will be from greed. From the fact that he couldn’t run a fair game, like all the socialists before him and potentially after him too.  They give themselves medals, but the people know better. The truth is the thing that matters. The sharing of information, not the hiding of it.

One final note, I knew the value of Twitter long before my contemporaries, I know the value of leaving it long before them too. I knew Facebook was a crock from very early on. People are both lazy and stupid, that just might be the only thing keeping Mark, Bill, Susan and Jack in a job.


There is only one thing…and it’s a big one. Now that they’ve shut me down, I’m free to build a better platform somewhere else. Bye bye commies.


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