Freedom of Speech – The first Ammendment



There is a beast that stalks the land.  It’s name is hypocrisy. This gutter snake will call out for pre-prepared gun legislation after a mass shooting, while standing on the decomposing bodies of the slain, that a sitting president is “guilty” of investigating crime, that Mrs Omar can marry her brother without investigation, that noting happened in Benghazi, while active duty soldiers push for an inquiry. A media so corrupted that it is, in real terms, a crime against it’s own people.

Note too that it is not that the media lacks tools. There is more real time information, faster, than at any time in history. No, their “duty” is to report a false narrative as paid arms of a global cabal, to hide the drug smugglers, the child traffickers, the graft, corruption and deceit, to laud the inglorious and to demean and smear their opponents.  What should be their “sword of truth” is a poisoned quill.

They deny the successes of North Korea and call him a warmonger, then claim he is a peacenik when that doesn’t work out and the next “event” happens.  They quite literally cannot keep up.  Citizen journalists are blowing their scummy “real journalist” credentials sky high on a daily basis.

According to the mayor, Trump is not welcome in Minneapolis. the mayor has the ear of his people, right? He knows the vibe on the street? If that were true he has nothing to worry about, right? Right? Right?

Trump then gets the type of attendance a Biden, a Warren or a Cory Booker would expect.  Nobody comes, it’s a non event. You report it on TV, everybody has a laugh at Orange Man…all gravy. Yeah? That’s how it works. He shows up, nobody comes, it’s all over. You’re the best Mayor ever.  The news reports the news, everyone goes to bed happily.

Except we know that’s not true.

Let’s say the mayor is not a fan. OK, he doesn’t need to attend, it’s not mandatory. He just packs his carpet bag and let’s the show go on. But no, the Hegelian dialectic kicks in …

They have to set up the fake talking points, like Dave Rubin in Canada just recently and those viral pictures of the ANTIFA slime bullying an old lady.

Trump rallies are huge stadium filling events now. They show the absolute will of the American people . They show the type of people who attend, all races, all creeds, all political persuasions, all live and in real-time (not like the voting rolls or on social media).

What is the order of $500, 000 for security?

After all the President has his own detail and they cover events in other cities. I get it, claim violence is going to happen  (victim status) and then have the hate mob ready in advance to create it, how very Soros of you –

This is why so many Americans are going to vote Trump in 2020. Ordinary people are ordinary, not stupid. Most people keep their noses out of perceived conflict, because they just don’t want it, but people have ears, eye and can see pretty well.

Minneapolis will be a full house.


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