Forewarning: 17th Storm Warning

The Clearest warning you’ve ever seen. Saturday August 17th


If you’ve been following my recent posts, you notice the level of urgency with which events are now happening.

There are two reasons for this, the fist is that sleeper cells have been activated and the second is to keep the “white supremacist”narrative running ahead of all other news that is coming out.

Central to the mix is going the be this left wing “Antifa” group. If you know your history you’ll know they’re far from anti anything…(from Google search results). Note Red and Black (satanist combo). There is an Antifa event on the 17th in Portland where Antifa is set to “disrupt” …

…a proud boys rally. Who or what are proud boys you may ask? The media says they are …wait for it…”white chauvinists (google search results).” What better way to keep this nonsense narrative running than to have “actual” white chauvinists (note: male white supremacists) killing actual “antifascists”

So proud boys are pro Trump (of course) and it’s a showdown building to a conflagration (heat). If you don’t know already both groups are funded by odd sources …

“Gavin McInnes (/məˈkɪnɪs/; born 1970) is a Canadian writer and far-right political commentator who holds both Canadian and British citizenship.[1] He is the co-founder of Vice Media and Vice magazine,[2][3][4] and host of Get Off My Lawn, formerly on Conservative Review Television. He is a contributor to Taki’s Magazine and a former contributor to The Rebel Media, and was a frequent guest on television programs on Fox News and TheBlaze.[5]” (right wing poster boy)

and this shit, you couldn’t make it up…

So, in real terms, is this going down…(yes

You may take all this as staged nonsense. This is your choice. We know they need this (and more) to keep their fake news agenda rollin. We know that the real news will keep getting worse (we’re not even into the child killing, rape and blood sacrifice bit yet), so they need this (and more).

Here are some recent posts from interesting sources…

Note the use of 17, and the admonition “Ensure your family & business are ready for disasters…” and they quote the raggle taggle gypsy publication, NYT. Why would Northern Command quote them directly?

Then there is this one from @USMC

“Can you feel the heat?” is separated. It may refer to the last Q post…

The marines also have a particular place in this story (due to historical reference points).The unnecessary capitalization prior to 5-19 draws attention to this (519)

And the reference to “can you feel the heat” draws up this interesting post…

Did anybody report on this? Of course not, it’s anti-narrative…

Or this…

Or this..

This is all designed to go bad. There will be a call out to young people to attend this “anti -fascist white supremacist response” (on their social channels and in media, hence the NYT story). Bloodshed will result. Those young people are being puppeteered. They are pawns in the hands of powerful (national) enemies.

Now, do you see why the Marines might be involved? Warn your children, keep them safe.

Postscript: I’d also like to take you back to Ukraine, where the pro and anti Euro factions were gunned down by unnamed snipers (shooting from height) during the McCain and Kerry “intervention.” Both sides, not one side and police.

Postscript 2: Congresswoman Omar is a potential false flag target (for these people there would be a net victory if she were shot or badly injured, it would take her out of the news and blame could easily by dumped on Trump).

Remember the job of these people is to take down countries, you’d didn’t think they’d stop at yours, did you? Remember


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