False Flag warning – Game Day


I’ll keep this to the point. There are a number of indications that a massive False Flag is scheduled for a sporting event this weekend. Trump is due to attend the UFC fight in NYC. There is football tomorrow in Seattle. We expect many incriminating documents to come out very soon. DeepState has been outing itself. Reports indicate ISIS was tied to top level DeepState and Mossad. Israel has closed it’s embassies. Central Bank is shouting imminent collapse. It is GameDay.

We are here. Republic v (alleged) scum of the earth

There has been chatter. I’m not in the loop. I’m not connected …but people who are are pointing to signs. If you don’t follow the gematria much of it makes little sense (you’ll not learn it now). The baseline is they have particular days where the “magic”happens. it’s their shit, so they have to get the message out to the “crew.” They use code, gematria is the basis of the code. The bad guys follow the comms, based on the numbers, they act (I know it sounds stupid:).

These are the sons of Cain, they could not gain God’s favor, so they destoy his project and his children.



Order out of chaos is that Freemason bullcrap (the useful idiots of secret societies who open the doors to the spawn)…

You’d need to understand that the method of communication is now through mostly mass media. Their regular and secret comms are down because NSA is covering those lines.  Most of their leaders removed from office. Patriots are watching their operatives closely, but the odds and weight of numbers matter.

They no longer have access to major cash sources, accounts connected to terror can be shut down (Trump’s EO) digital money is a MF, so easy to just delete it :), the poppy fields and drug channels are being taken away and the human trafficking is being hammered daily. The cash machine is out of service so their power is dwindling rapidly.

What is left is sleeper cells, mass slaughter events through bombings, staged into major media events on thier channels.  We’ve been programmed to accept these via movies, so most people are detuned to them, see Sum of All Fears, Hunt for Red October, The Last Boy Scout or any official twin towers narrative.

They need something massive to wipe the presses clean of what is coming. It’s now or never, so they’ll drop that card.

They will play both sides. 

The truth is coming out about 911, about SpyGate, about Ukraine, about Kennedy, about Hillary, about PizzaGate, about HellyWood, MSM, all of it…

They’re playing their last card: the Samson option. They want a meeting with their master, we’ll arrange it.

If it goes down, you will be bombarded by “media” fakebook friends and Twitter tools selling you their “vision” of events. Either way it wil lead to quick and brutal civil war. 90% of the US military are with Trump and will avenge him and hunt his killers. If you go the other way, you’ll understand the true meaning of rage when America rises against you.

Take a step back and “reconcile.” It’s not the arabs, who were blamed before. They Syrians have their country back, the Iranians are at the negotiating table. The Afghanis have a peace deal already inked, it just got delayed, the Iraqis and the Lebanese have just ousted their “leaders,” none want bloodshed at this time. Nobody wants blood…except …

There has been a call for disaster actors in Washington…

In all these mass casualty events they call on paid role player “crisis actors,” used both as human cannon fodder, as TV props and reliable, controlled, dupes for the wolves to use as cover.  Like security guards and criminal payoffs, lower level plotters are disposable idiots, that are easily removed later.

The last time round (911) one of the scenarios for the Pentagon was a missile launched from a sub in the potomac. Madison Square Garden is an easy target for a nuclear option.

Remember the last time they went for multiple sites, white house, pentagon, etc. as cover for the main event. This time could be similar tactics.

My own view it that it more likely that they will go for Trump, as his death frees up the intense pressure. Once they ice Pence (he is already compromised), it would be Pelosi as President.  This will not happen. Prepare for civil war.  Dana White is compromised and his organisation is now within the Bezos orbit under ESPN. Bezos is an extremely dangerous piece looking to “come up big” for the cabal. Trump being at “his”event is a provocation. New York state is heavily compromised. De Blasio and Cuomo are heavily compromised. The NYPD is in disarray.  I’d bet on a New York state of mind. 


Keep your eyes on a swivel. If you do see something odd, share it. There are watchers. Who watches the watchers? Well that is a Q for another day. 🙂



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