Emperor Commodus and the busy little bees of the Colosseum


A quick one…this relates to another blogging channel called BeBee.com, run by two Spaniards.

I spoke before about how my Jim Watkins post was removed from this channel. Jim’s only problem is people writing d_gsh_t about his channel.

When I write something supportive, it disappears. Weird how that works? When I reposted, it gave me the chance to prove what I had stated in the original article ( 2019/08/07). I was not wrong about anything, so why was the post removed?

My Jen Gennai post also disappeared.  Isn’t it funny when a post about censorship on the internet disappears from the internet? Well Ms. Jen pulled the same trick, you clever little girl. 🙂

According to Javier’s numbers it now has over 15k views (I don’t believe his numbers, nor most of his other cr_p either).

Most recently my “Must Love Dogs” post disappeared.

Here is the original post: https://www.bebee.com/producer/@dphilpott/must-love-dogs-you-have-it-all

Here is the second one: https://www.bebee.com/producer/@dphilpott/must-love-dogs-you-have-it-all-208956

Note the URL is different indicating that I reposted the same material almost exactly. You can check the URL (1) and time stamp (2) below.

Maximus: [after swiftly dispatching another gladiator] Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

Crowd: Spaniard, Spaniard, Spaniard…

By taking down the post above and removing it from the feed, the same thing happens as with YouTube videos that “disappear.” Nobody watches them, so the view count drops logarithmically southwards. You might have noted this week how YouTube has the capacity to remove “whistleblower” videos by keyword and how quickly FaceBook and Twitter were on the same job. They really are coordinating well for “independent” businesses, aren’t they?

We’ve gotten used to the dirty tricks brigade on the internet over the last year or so. When my primary account on Twitter @AD360eu was suspended. I contacted their team, got no response on the topic.

When you condone this type of thing, you make it easier to do in future. In short you make a stick for your own backs.

There were over 15k followers on that account (removed once suspended). Many accounts like that are being shut down, with no feedback given. Followers removed and email address locked.

Many accounts like that are being shut down, with no feedback given. Followers removed and email address locked. My main Twitter account is also locked out, which when you consider the G+ shutdown would make it over 100K people who previously had access to me online, that now don’t.  That is pure politics. Removing some voices, amplifying others and closing big accounts is their tactic for 2020. NewsFlash: it’s not going to work.



If I’m honest it is not an issue for me currently, I’m working on multiple channels simultaneously,  but it does portend the future, when your credit card gets locked down and you can’t pay your electricity, find a doctor or buy food. And the “authorities” are all in on the action. You didn’t think Fa_eBook libra was an accident, did you?

This is the dystopia you’re moving to, social media is a digital wedge, as is AI, search, and IOT.

Twitter and Youtube are deleting followers in batches. It seems odd that their algorithms would do that randomly., it is much more targeted. Remember they have all the data, so they can easily “automate” those processes via keyword, social proximity, relevance level or any other criteria you might imagine.  I would infer that this is commission rather than omission or a “bug.”

Twitter has changed how your feed operates too, as you might guess, it doesn’t improve it, just sells you more worthless junk. You can change it back to the old interface with this tool, good twitter (mozilla +chrome)

I showed you this one recently too…

 Why would this guy (and others like him) block me? Unless he didn’t. Maybe somebody else did it for him knowing that i support new congressional and senate candidates…sneaky, very sneaky. Twitter clowns at work.
Got an app for that?
I can see his stuff logged out, but once I log in as me he is blocked. Very clever, munchkins. I have this with other accounts too of a similar type.
It seems this particular algorithm is clever enough to keep me away from those whom I might endorse and offer wider publicity outside their district (increasing their impact) …now that, that is very smart stuff indeed.
 I now think I understand Phil’s deceptive phrasing now: enemy’s enemy is my enemy.. a little better.
 The friend of my friend is my friend.

Commodus : … They whispered in dark corners and went out late at night and conspired and conspired but the emperor Claudius knew they were up to something. He knew they were busy little bees…


Commodus: Your fame is well deserved, Spaniard. I don’t think there’s ever been a gladiator to match you. As for this young man, he insists you are Hector reborn. Or was it Hercules? Why doesn’t the hero reveal himself and tell us all your real name? You do have a name.
Maximus: My name is Gladiator.
[turns away from Commodus]
(Farting noise!)



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