Egypt, the pharaoh and slave systems

Note the image above…

There are many modern connections to Egypt and the historical bonds of slavery. It appears that the imagery and structures of paganism is an overarching symbolic theme. Color schemes, architecture, shapes and symbolism are all set to point to this time.

If you look, you will find it on your “network” tools and social net-work channels. If you look to your streets you’ll see a network of cameras, if you look to your schools you’ll see an “old boys” network. These are signs of something larger, but you’re not looking there, the magicians have you focused on their deceptions instead.

There is a strong focus on solipsism, narcissism and blindness to historical events in the time in which we live. The scales have not been removed at all, they are adding ever more layers. This should be a strong indication of what you are “being sold,”the core duplicity. Anything to keep you distracted, absorbed and “brainless”is useful to the activation of the plan. Being told you are lesser, incompetent, surrounded by illusion indicates the value of movies, media and deception.

There is an overt religion of materialism, psyience is the priesthood, as are stock market forecasters and talking head academics. These are vassals in a feudal system. The more time you spend in their system the more you accept its forms, conventions and structure (you willfully become a slave by increments).

Have you ever tried to gut a fish?

Elsewhere on BibleHub it says that the original word used in Acts 9:18 is “λεπίδες”, which is defined as:

a scale, a scaly substance thrown off from the body.

While a key element is to keep focused on the moment, it is clear that the foe draws it’s creed (it is a religion), blood sacrifice (wars, etc.) and symbols from ancient times and pre-history. The concepts of freedom for the individual are anathema to this scripting process. In fact the operation is the reverse (it might be called a reverse engineering process – in that the processes are designed to reverse your birthed freedom using a framework).

This is also why they have to continually create content to keep you stupid and uninformed (more cotton, scales, events, work-time, debt).

They’ve looked to build up a script. This script has been altered over time, as they’ve failed again and again, but the mechanisms, structures and tools have been designed to survive generations. This is their book, the slavers creed.

One of the key elements, an overarching plan for the “group,” rather than the individual. The individual is there to provide for the longer term group plan. All energies are dedicated to maintaining the structure (pyramid).  Even though the names, the “objectives” and the formulations of groups change over time, there is an overarching pattern and script. They’ve formed groups around these ideologies and bloodlines. Groups (and their subversion) are a key tool.

Inheritance is important, for without the skillful use of trusts, foundations, wills and tax scams, large fortunes in one generation would be frittered away with the death of the originator. We should be looking to monarchical, bloodline and social structures that retain money (temporal power) over generations. These will be the higher rank subvertors, a small group, but well connected and resourced who push others to do their work for them. They will often have “clean” hands on their own media or be lauded as philanthropists, scholars and elite thinkers.

The theme of slavery is important as it looks to be the core philosophy. Hazard a thought to the Nazis and the Jews. It should have been “practical” for the Germans to retain the Jewish population as slave labor in the midst of their multi-front war effort. They did not, they exterminated Jewish people in massive numbers, removing any historical association using the process of “branding” numbers instead of names.

What if the numbering was to hide something else? Jewish names and history were scrubbed. What did they want with those?  They melted the gold from teeth, used the hair and stole the prpoerty, what if a name was another property? My argument is that the numbering process didn’t make sense if you were simply looking to kill off Jews.  It would be wasted effort.  Unless there was another purpose.

When Stalin killed the Kulaks his communist model ” …had the stated purpose of fighting counter-revolution and of building socialism in the countryside. This policy, carried out simultaneously with collectivization in the Soviet Union, effectively brought all agriculture and all the laborers in Soviet Russia under socialized control…

In November 1917, at a meeting of delegates of the committees of poor peasants, Lenin announced a new policy to eliminate supposedly wealthy Soviet peasants, known as “kulaks“: “If the kulaks remain untouched, if we don’t defeat the freeloaders, the czar and the capitalist will inevitably return.”

The political effort was aimed at the extermination of competition. It was class warfare, setting one class (of the same “state” against an other) rather than a plan to remove the means of production from the incompetent.  The destruction of the middle class was not it was not a mistake, it was intention. You could look at the banking crisis of 2007-2008 with a similar lens and gauge the success of it from the “scripted” perspective.

The Egyptian image above tells a very similar tale to this brick lane (London) mural…

If you look, you’ll see the script in action…

If you don’t heed the lessons of history, you’re destined to repeat them



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