Crying theatre in a crowded fire

Simple Question: Who benefits? Question 2. What, or who, is a useful idiot? does Antifa qualify?

My bald assertion is this. “Someone”nudged Antifa clowns plus associated lowlifes and trailer trash into setting fires.  1.Oz is tinder dry. 2.There is a history of firebugging. 3.”Event” (problem). They literally and metaphorically add fuel to the flames (reaction) and use the result to propel worldwide media “outrage.” Hence their solution: Give us all yer money!

Their reasoning was that it was a low cost (for them) stunt. Hard to litigate. Very visual. Cheap to set up, the main element is nature herself. Push the “sustainability” (… the Wilie Coyote ACME whopee cushion) agenda to it’s ultimate conclusion; commie tyranny.

In the theatre of the absurd, which is modern media, the idiot is almost invariably you. Don’t take that badly. What I mean is you are taken for a total dupe. Their tool is your credulousness and subservience to conformism. You will suspend disbelief even in the face of mountains of evidence, credible network intelligence, even basic common sense ideas such as; fires do not start spontaneously because ocean temparatures fluctuate or Greta thunberg is a simpleton puppet used by paid PR companies to further their agenda.

When you should be looking at the media and paid hacks, you’re glued to their every word. When you should be seeing the army of paid trolls and online “experts,”you only take in the “dead koalas.” When you should engage and press them on their lies to see their use of similar talking points, you lurk. That’s on you.

You should be becoming more familiar with their playbook on a daily basis. Problem. Reaction. Solution. Cause a problem, introduce a media shitstorm, provide pre-packaged solutions. Just business. Simple disaster capitalism.

You may see that corono nonsense is another version of australian fire nonsense, which is another version of greta’s yacht nonsense, with slightly different supporting cast members. The main crew is still the exact same.

Aside: Think of @Dim Murray and his senile marxist ranting, whilst concurrently living in commie goosed canada under Castro’s actual son. A “man” even Soros concedes; is more suited for waiting tables in a gay bar (not @dim, …of course?).



How did we know they would go 100% all in on the “koala” imagery? We certainly know how outsourced lowlife cheap marketing shills think. You might call it an acquired skill.

Why did Fakey Bill’s minions delete my profile? Why did they shadowban my profile? Am I not “professional” enough for the vaccine serial killers? Am I not “eco” enough for them? Do I stink? It appears I do, judging by the numbers…

It might have something to do with addressing the UN-Environment account directly. Calling them out as bare faced liars. It might have been killing stone dead their cuddly “we’re all koalas” propaganda push that they were running via an Indian (dots, not feathers) marketing company (how cheap are these people?). It might just have been taking their Linkedin “editor’s choice” article to task. Maybe it was a combination of all of it, being a serious pain in the arse for their virtue signalling clown show.

Let’s dig…

Trump visits Scott Morrison. Meeting is tepid, moving toward cold. Five Eyes working against Trump. Chinese triads big in Oz. Seasonal fires are big in Oz.  Oz used to be a penal colony, they’ve never been terribly bothered with killing off the aboriginal creatures. Founder of Antifa Oz chapter has resigned. Amazon fires event a bust, Cali fires a bust. Greta an absolute bust, even a minus at this point. Let’s use our cheap and stupid Ozzie proles, shall we?

Soros is a guy who wants to see the world burn. One of “their” biggest weapons is burning stuff. the emechanics of burning is the hit and run style of it. Drop a match, set a small incendiary, dump some barbecue coals…hard to litigate, even for repeat offenders. Amazon burning is big business. The zone is famous for it’s criminality and bloodletting. California is highly corrupt.  PG&E is a Rothschild enterprise. The cali fires serepdipitously happened along the route of a proposed high speed rail link. Even without a deep dig, you’ve got hellyweird, soros, rothies and anarcho-communism stacked on the sidelines, looking for trouble. Anyone got a light?

Leave that hairball of facts and look at the media …



Refs: (Scott Morrison – video) (Useful);fileType=application%2Fpdf;fileType=application%2Fpdf (Worth Reading)

Hijacking Australian 2019 Bushfire Tragedies to Fearmonger Climate Change


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