Cry Freedom from the Hive Mind


When you combine a collectivist agenda and technology (collecting data) under a control and command grid what have you got?

Do you not imagine that a cabal of rich people would be brought this proposal? Don’t you think they would see it as what it is, a road map to retaining their power. Add in a little Orwell and historical referents and hey presto – game on.

Consider that most criminal activities are a conspiracy of one kind or another and that the ability to retain power long after you’ve been found out is a form of conspiracy, why then are all those who address these topics called conspiracy theorists?

Why is modern America called the death of history? Why does technology work to limit your perspective, rather than expand it? Why are the youth muffled in headphones, iphones and unsocial networks, sharing nothing but bullshit? Music that has no truth? Movies that spell out a “vision” of pornographic destruction culminating in an apocalypse? What is the value of the apocalypse and who does it benefit?

What they’re telling you is you can only have the world we give you, you don’t have a future – bullshit. It’s all to hold power and make you cower. Fear-mongering, warmongering, isolating you in a bubble of bullshit.

They tell you you’re a victim and who you should hate.

The hive mind is only for you, the idiot. The ones in control are taking decisions, making moves all around you. Look at the hierarchies, whose voice do you hear, where are the messages coming from? These are genuine questions. Capitalize gains, socializes losses = banking. False flags. What is the historical definition of terrorism? Who has it been historically used on? Why?

If you are told that you’re free and yet the whole movement of the game is to herd you into patterns (programs) and games, then where is your freedom?

You know it. You know that “truther” should not be a pejorative term, but it is. When they sell you “blockchain, ” who is doing the selling? Is is reputable people, no it’s the flim flam merchants, the big corporations, the IBMs (who numbered the jews?), the “merchants of doom.”

Why did they want to convert the names of jews to numbers? C, mon…you can get it. To erase history. It’s easy stuff, you just need to join some dots and when you do you’ll see the mockingbird media, the alphabet agencies, the hired muscle and the puppeteers in masks.

Why are they in masks? If it’s all biblical prophecy and the end times…why the fuckin masks? Who wears a mask? A clown, a circus clown.

Wake the fcuk up! Now.

When this site disappears – remember the message. And ask who has the power to shut that message down… and why.

“Artificial Intelligence has NOTHING to do with creating smart robots… its about creating STUPID people”YouTube comments quote

And another quite handy piece of writing… (check Frankfurt School for background)


The term is “Collectivism”, of which the branches are socialism, communism, fascism, and Marxism. Recall that Russia until 30 years ago was called the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” The goal of Socialism is Communism; the utopia of “useful idiots” relinquishing power to an Elite; the mind control of the many by the few. All is the same. In fact, my cultural observations of a decade ago led me to describe the “tolerance” or “diversity” movement as the “Sameness Agenda.” This confused my “progressivist” friends. The attacks on freedom of thought have also come to be known as “Cultural Marxism,” to differentiate it from “economic” Marxism. Etc. It is very difficult to define fascism.

Also, the silencing of those who think differently than you do motivated the founding of the United States, a constitutional republic. People who thought differently than the status quo in Europe were forced out of work and had their farms burned. So they ventured to the New World, in order to survive and raise their families in peace. When the Empires started to take over the New World, the North American/British colonists fought for independence from the Empire, in order to be free. Our system was so well-designed that it self-corrects. These “Antifa” are fighting against our foundation, not against fascism. They do not know their own history, nor do they know the history of fascism.”


Seems clear enough.


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