Cross posting: The yellowbrick road of blogging.

I once told a guy I could get to the top rank on Google with a free website. He said; Nah. The big boys have all that wrapped up.

The response I got when I showed the successful result was: Hmmm, OK. Yeah, so what?

I get a lot of “so what?”

On this channel there are a lot of bloggers. Some even claim to be “writers.” I know that the value of writing online is the easy ability to share content across channels. (I can hear the so what? already). That is the value, not singing a Capella to the choir. That’s sailing your dinghy round a lake.

Think about it for a second though, Linkedin didn’t stop you writing, they stopped your writing reaching anyone. They muzzled your quivering lip, not your poison pen.

They turned down your volume and raised that of old Ricky Branson, maybe he told them he was interested in buying a social media channel so they force fed everyone his merest meme in a sort of tail-wagging gesture (or maybe something else).

In the old days of typing on a written page, the primary value was not the codification of language, but the dissemination of thought. And the ability to get a “truthful” copy.

When I started this job (Carista marketing), I said to the boss: Give me WordPress. Medium is “shit.” I’ve recanted on the “complete” part, so now you’ve only got the slightly soiled suffix.

My point was that Medium didn’t give me the kind of “offsite sharing” I was looking for. Many sites are like this. They build walls and start a farm (usually to make money from sheep herding). That’s an aside …

He never gave me my self hosted WordPress. So I re-posted my content on a free version of WordPress with no company connection – Nothing fancy, no bells, no whistles. Just an online bookmark to have the material in the right format, when he eventually relented and did what I advised in the beginning. We’re not quite there yet, but…

I do have some results from my impromptu mutiny.

On both sides of this page you have the results of the last six months of publishing to two platforms instead of one”official” source. It shows (I think) the value of the internet.

It didn’t cost me a helluva lot of time to copy-paste my posts. I was happy to use the additional syndication available.. I didn’t even bother the BeBee crew with my 100+ business related topics (mostly).

Simple stuff. Cross post your stuff. Different sites have different audiences. 


I’ve got a few more results too…

People actively search for information. 


This is one of the points of interest in the information presented. People from all over the globe sought out these pages, these ideas, this topic.

This adds to the tribes idea formulated so simply by Seth Godin a few years ago. Your tribe “will resonate on your frequency” Did I really write that? No, I’m only quoting Seth, but it seems to bear out.

This is why the internet has such value.

 People can use it to find out things.


“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other. ”
Bill Gates

So, when the boss says; “be professional. Keep to one point of information”, I know what he means.

He means that the ability to duplicate a mistake is so easy, you should be very careful in what goes to “print.”

I agree.

We’re looking at exactly the same thing from opposite sides.

Once you’ve got it down. Get it out there.

You might say; well, if you left everything alone and did as you were asked all those people would eventually hit the main site.
On the face of it, that makes sense. If you think the internet is a well marshaled set of sites, directions and thoroughfares. That’s the linear perspective.
The reality is a far more complex “web” of tangential searches, keywords, topics and interested parties in every country in the World. It’s not linear at all.
What I was hoping for was to put my flag out there. Hoist a sail and catch the topical breezes. It’s a form of trawling. Casting one’s net wider and from a different location.

…Teach a man how to fish,…

somebody else


There’s nothing wrong with post posting either. A lot of stuff has value to a wider audience and they never catch it on the first go round. So post post-it 2.

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