Control the Menu – Control the choice – Control the outcome

This is a very simple piece of psychology but it goes deep into the heart of the matter. If you’ve been noticing, all the social networks now look very similar. By the social networks I mean the big ones; Fb, Ln and Tr. These ones are the key battlegrounds now that the main stream media is a nonsense. Most people don’t watch TV.  It has emerged recently that Netflix is another much vaunted propaganda channel alongside the Disney and Hellywood offerings.

What you’re seeing and smelling is the stench of decay, old movies, old themes, old ideas in the hands of geriatric depots. Contrast them to their much heralded siblings on the tech side. Their last slave minder died of obsolescence (think the terminator movies for a handy parallel).  Now the ready shiny replacement is in the hands of docile, bootlicking, eager to please techies, that’s the story anyway…  a marriage of convenience by two sets of incompetents. Only slow down a little, that story seems prepackaged. It’s a soft opening, rather than a Blitzkrieg.

Big tech is an arm of the Military Industrial Complex. It has been designed from the ground up as a “hate machine” and a means of control, owning controlling and shaping all knowledge for an “elite.” The virtuality element of fakery, duplicity is baked into to it. Once all your data is online, they’ll pull the plug on “reality.” That’s the game – to get you addicted to a nonsense. Social networks are control net-works, not a means of socializing with your buddies (…if you think they are, you’re a dolt).

You have to know that the back end is far more powerful than the front end. I can show you, but you can also do that yourself on any social network or via google analytics. Why is the ability to work with data so much more powerful than the tools you have as a user? Because you are the lab rat, not the commander in chief, you’re the pecking pigeon (likes) or salivating dog (porn). You’re pressing buttons for rewards. It’s being designed to waste as little effort as possible for the controllers, like those ovens at Auschwitz designed to look like showers or those nice politicians that love gays, lesbians and immigrants so much, who will flip the same switch back the other way once they’re in control (divide and conquer 101). Deception, deceit and disinformation (3D).

I can explain it simply in terms of Game theory, Skinner, Pavlovian techniques and the more modern A/B testing process, but you just have to read the stuff. I’m not your babysitter or publishing a doctoral dissertation, you need to understand how programming the menu defines your choices. If I have two equally controlled choices in my faux democracy, then I have no choice, similarly with social media, when my choices are post to feed (immediately disappearing) or send a message (1-1) I’m being corralled into “manual” challenges. The owner of the board can automate everything, yet I’m able to move only one square at a time. Think of it like slaves and chains. Yes I can move buy my liberty and freedom are constrained by the shackles.

When you control the choices and proclaim the word “free,”then you’re lying. Lying is part of the game here (Don’t be evil – Arbeit macht frei). It has come out recently that Epstein was connected to Reid Hoffmann, not in the sex thing so much, but the more appropriate behavioral control and utilization of control networks (wouldn’t you know the same guy has access to so many of you, what’r da odds?) -“relax, it’s all for your own good, trust me, …I’m an expert”.

Reid used to own a social network, but now it’s owned by Bill and Microsoft, Mark owns another one.  The guys at Google killed off theirs (after decimating it’s functionality), so they’re thinning out the obvious choices. They’re making all of the interfaces look the same and offer similar functions, They’re building a big blue “wall,” quite literally. They’re controlling the menu. In a world of choices, you’re led to two (or three).

You’ll notice a few things. As your ability to message others decreases, the ability of the network to message you will increase.

You’ll be propositioned more and more and you”ll see less and less.

You’ll be asked for more and more personal data, phone number, facial ID, personal documents to “verify.”

Channels will work together to “hem you in.” Google/YouTube will direct you to controlled entities. You’ll be shut down for the things that they sell to you, automating, digging, researching, data. In the end the objective would be to control your experience fully, putting you in a “virtual reality.” We’re already there. Enter the Matrix at your peril.

“The man in the middle”

Worth considering, or maybe not. Your choice.



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