Two carpetbaggers came to town and made a friend

This post relates to another channel:

Most of you know I have limited tolerance for the two spanish donkeys. I know too many sleazy burros like them. Grifters are grifters. They flock together.

Note what they did.

Note who the supported.

Note the difference in audience numbers.

There is something funny about my posts. No shares. Few likes. Massive View counts. It’s like porno.

You should never be afraid to think for yourself.

1.They pulled my posts because people read them.
2.They push @Dim because people don’t.

They’re a pair of carpetbagging grifters. Now much use as programmers. Useless at staffing. Incapable of innovating, even on wordpress. I’ve built better sites, with more functionality in less than a week.

They might even manage to shoot themselves in the foot again. The last time they failed to create proper group tools, now they’ve messed up the following options. They messed up the mobile app and previously lost the best writing talent. They bailed on America with it’s huge Spanish speaking market. Two complete schmuchs.

Let me make this clear, these dopes have thrown away all their best chances to succeed, each time they get an opportunity to maximise or extend their position, they take the wrong decision.


Now compare this local “happening” to this post from earlier today…

Post is from Brian Cates, a respected journalist…

Brian Cates | The Epoch Times

Please note: The New York Times has admitted it’s animus…

We know the Washington Post is a C_A newspaper controlled by asset Jeff Bezos.

We know the FBI and C_A are compromised.

They’re not getting away with it. People will hang for treason.

” The New York Times on Thursday published a remarkable piece that essentially acknowledged the existence of an American “deep state” and its implacable hostility to Donald Trump. The Times writers (fully five on the byline: Peter Baker, Lara Jakes, Julian E. Barnes, Sharon LaFraniere, and Edward Wong) certainly don’t decry the existence of this deep state, as so many conservatives and Trump supporters do. Nor do they refrain from the kinds of value-charged digs and asides against Trump that have illuminated the paper’s consistent bias against the president from the beginning.

From the point of view of complete self interest, I’d advise Javier not to take down my posts without good reason.

I would say from the point of view of business to make is offering much better. Soon there will not be a YouTube, Linkedin or FaceBook. The market will be open.

At that point I will be running a much better platform of my own, of course.

I will take him and his idiot friends apart over the next few years, piece by piece. They will be living in the trailer park with @Billy Bob.

Note 2: When a moron like @dim and a talentless oaf like @billybob are “confused” as to the quality of a real man, just look at who they are. The comparison will be obvious. When pretend businessman @Javier is removing my posts, you may draw the same conclusion.

New Series: Bipolar shut-in joins failed satirist in a hilarious critique of successful businessman and leader, President Donald J Trump. Laugh along with them. In a tried and tested formula, watch these two chronically unsuccessful losers spend their day massaging their bruised egos, failed ambitions and diminishing eyesight. The @dim and @bob show …now available in Spanish (with subtitles)

These people are stupid – Q


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