Blood in. Blood out.

You are infantile by consent, a dangerous way to be for many reasons. Recall the biblical parable of the three talents: Matthew 25:14-30 Hiding your head in sand is no excuse. in my last posts I’ve addressed the MSM condoning cannibalism, satanism and other “lifestyle choices,”we didn’t address the blood stuff yet. It’s not the worst yet, but it’s a stop on the journey.

One of the things you’ll rebel against is the idea that elites not only drink the blood of children, but scare them first (before killing them) to adrenalize the blood,  sell body parts, of course molest infants for ritual sacrifice and sexual pleasure. Mr. Culkin addressed the issue recently and interestingly the article promptly disappeared.  Many spoke for years onto deaf ears.

Why do I get these references in position 1 on Goolag?

You’ll rebel against the idea that you are considered livestock, slaves, or in this case a healthy bio food source (im-possible burger, solyent green anyone?), while you guffaw, snigger, giggle and squawk nonsense verse in somnambulistic pentameter on your mobile phoney, narcissism device without having the intestinal fortitude to investigate.

What does the phrase blood in, blood out mean? Why does the mafia want a recruit to “blood himself? The answers are clear enough, ritual, blood rite, that which is evil in the eyes of man, forbidden, blackmail, “performing,”becoming part of a group, doing something which if released publicly destroys your “normal” life, hidden, sinister, shameful, etc. Another thing for the “spell” part is the choosing of it, accepting the hierarchy and the action (think jailhouse tats). Lets leave that to simmer for now.

What is the value of youthful blood? Eternal youth? Nazis did lots of experiments. Ordinary scientists use rats to the same end. – In principle it is the same idea as a certain Lance who used to win some bike races, change the old blood for the new blood.  Some Nazi science experiments grafted the blood supply of one person to another, they seemed to like twins (identical test subjects). They also wanted to build a 1000 year reich (why does goolag want me to capitalize “reich?), weren’t they defeated? Operation paperclip, anyone?

“Villeda had conducted pilot studies with pairs of surgically conjoined mice that shared a blood supply for several weeks. Young mice received blood from older mice, and old mice received blood from younger ones. Villeda wanted to see the effect on their brains.”

Adrenalized blood? Why does Dracula or a movie vampire scare his (or her) victims? Why do the always seem to have a preference for”virgins?” Why is the phrase; to suck the life out of someone? What is the story with Haiti, Cintons and silsby?  Why did so many NYPD police “suicide themselves” after seeing Wiener’s laptop?

What happened in epstein’s lair? How deep does this go? All the way to hell.


Riddle me this grasshopper, why has the epstein story disappeared from the MSM? With all the connections between  …now dead… (and unable to sue for libel) epstein, bill gates, transhumanists, hellywood, social media barons, intel agencies and child traffickers and deep underground bunkers? What happened on that island? God knows, and a reckoning is coming.

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