BFF – Best fiends forever

You share your personal details, contacts, relationships and location with FB everyday. Does FB share?

Simple question. No, FB is a pimp with a stable. It sells you, your data, and manipulates the data you see (cloak & dagger). Sounds like an abusive relationship with a sick pervert? Actually, lots of sick perverts.  Here’s the kicker you’re addicted to the drug they give you.

We know what it is and what it was designed for. Marky Marky didn’t invent anything, he’s a shellsuit. You knew what the C_A factbook was, what lifelog was and what FB pretends to be. Interesting how the Wilkevoss twins got into bullshitcon too.  The addiction premise of liking, the constrained menus, the simplistic profiles (remember myspace? friendster? yahoo cities?), the “algorithm” changes, the buy up of other companies, how buying ads puts you into a two horse race with another controlled entity. The buying of instagram, messenger and controlling your phone (again with the same controlled entity), the killing of G+, media upsell, the AI, facial recognition and the mobile apps.

Here is a little more: the story is a little sketchy, comes from a genuinely sketchy source (a disinformation agency), has weird spelling errors, contains few solid check-able facts, seems to throw out key names like confetti…but the basic gist not going to be far from this broad strokes, not because these people say it, but because it has manifested itself already across a number of vertices.

If you worked backward from the objective of what an ideal social network should be you wouldn’t get FB. Your profile would reflect you, the ability to define yourself wouldn’t be limited to a drop down menu.  The controllers wouldn’t object to your picture not reflecting your physical identity. To cover these aberrations they say they’re selling “targeted ads” and need to tie down as much personal info as possible…it is not for benign ads, is it? The menu controls your choices, setting the available options into tightly defined buckets (rarely more than two steps). Tight control?

In recent years they’ve given up the charade that it is an “evolving” social network, as they feel the “corporate advertising” angle gives them enough cover for adding ever more spying technology. “We’re just collecting and selling your information, nothing to see here, hate the game, not the playah!”

We don’t want you to share your data (that’s privacy stuff, whoo, whoo!), but we sell it. We won’t give you overall control of what you see, this is a common theme in social media recently. Facebook has always been the goosestepper in chief but if you’re following twitter or YT, they’ve gone to a bizarre level of censorship (as has the MSM, at the same time, “curious and curiouser”), even though ostensibly they’re all “just” social platforms. Nope, they’re definitely not.  They were built for another purpose, your control. Now they’re into blockchain too …cool, eh!

You’ve chosen your own oppression, voyeurism and narcissism. How beautiful, now they’re mobilizing you. Notice those coordinated marches for “climate crisis”yesterday – children lead by children (lord of the flies). What would you do for a day off school?



“Larry Page, one of Google’s two co-founders, once said off-handedly that Google is not about building a search engine. As he said it, “Oh, we’re really making an AI”.

A few things to look at: – Two Big Ears, Oculus, FacioMetrics -the spy in your pocket.


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