Backed into a corner, real rats jump rope.

A little bit ago I heard about this strange idea for a “fake alien invasion.” It sounded odd.  Not the Mexicans are coming alien invasion type of thing. No this is one they blast from the front page of news sheets. Bear with me a little bit till I cover some ground, it’s not wild speculation, it’s whittling down what “they” can actually do at this point.

The reason this comes up is that there has been a big merger session going on at the top of media. The banks appear to be giddy to lend money on this particular consolidation of power. You, as an individual, should ask yourself who wants all this media in the hands of so few people? Does it make sense to hand this particular group the biggest megaphone on Earth?

Globalization, moving national power into the hands of elites. It’s actually very simple. Nothing complex to it. Power, money and control. Banks and media are a powerful combination.  Nothing to see here, carry on.

I always had an issue with the twin towers thing.  I thought an ordinary beat cop could have solved the mystery in an hour.  There were so many strings to pull out of the ball of wool.  I thought about Colin Powell, a good man beneath it all. I thought the US would have too many of these types of men and women, decent, good and true. Turned for a moment, but at their core, human beings, sentient, honorable individuals.

It is hard to believe you’re stupid. You might be average, but average is not stupid. I don’t think you are stupid at all. I think what it is, is hierarchy. Paying the bills, keeping your nose clean, paying for that nearly middle class life you’ve been told to want. Social conformity. It reminds me of those Poles complaining about the soot from Auschwitz destroying their washing. You see, but you don’t say.

They got people to “believe” that Rumsfeld lost 20 trillion dollars and the next day something flew into the pentagon and destroyed the investigation completely. They told you banks were too big to fail. Who told you? Bankers,…did no one take a second opinion from say a tarot card reader or local taxi driver?  They told you a million and one different pieces of bullshit.  You nodded to it all. It should be no coincidence that they think you’re stupid.  They told you buildings fall into their own footprint, even ones not hit by anything, and little brown people fly airliners as if riding bicycles through Manhattan. Once they’re done telling you all that the same people go off on a rampage, killing Arab leaders hither and tither as they go. Does it not seem odd, even a little bit?

They’ve gotten away with all the rest, why not this? T Blair is still grinding the same organ, seemingly centuries later. It was once rumored that he was offered the “first presidency of the EU.” Old tone must have found his weapon of mass destruction harder than usual that morning.

Why not the alien invasion scam? It would be global, focusing power in the hands of a few people.  You’d only see it on TV, because the actual “scene” would be kept inside a perimeter. They’d keep you glued to your phone for updates.  It could roll on for months, even years. You don’t know what an alien looks like. They could show you pictures of wheeled gumball machines doing the pogo to Thriller. You’d share it on Factbook immediately?

They’ve done this for years with those false flag operations anyway. They’re nearly competent… first a cordon of quiescent troops, then some paid state agents, a lick-spittle media and lo and behold, twenty-four hour bullshit. There would even be a “we’re all…”meme going round.

You’re asking me why now? Well they’re rats and the rat-catcher is on his rounds. A lot of these people have only one or two throws of the dice left. It’s either kill Trump now and hope that enough people don’t get it or wait for the inevitable knock on the door. Their comms are down. They know that anything not planned before cannot be implemented now. They can’t associate freely. They’re short-handed and can’t rely on the disloyal fucks that they could have paid off before.  That network is riddled. Once they off the goy schmucks Hillary and Bill, what do they do next?

They need one of those top drawer all or nothing plans, where their power is most concentrated. The power is currently in two places, but its easier to make the media move than to move money. Money is hard to shift in the digital economy. Some fat fifty year old banker is not going to sprint out the door with two suitcases of cash.  Neither is he or she going to escape with a numbered account in Switzerland. They’re locked down too. No ex CIA man is getting near proper money for quite a while. So you can’t pay off the muscle. They can’t rent a car, use a credit card, book a hotel. There are no more undocumented flights to unmapped airports.  There are eyes on.

They can’t do it without their henchmen. They need the muscle. Everything hinges on that gorilla in a suit being corrupt.  They’d need some insurance on that (cover your bets both ways – bankers creed). Why do bankers love insurance? That one I’ll call human nature.

Switzerland isn’t stupid, they’re business people. The very same virtual money they’ve used to con you out of the wealth of your nation is going to die with them. It’s impossible to spend (poetic, if you think about it). They were going to convert everything into fake coin and give you a little card telling you how much “credit” you’d get. I liked that idea. You’d become a number (again), gotta love the fascist fucks. The banksters endgame, ultimate leverage.

So you’re left with the last tool of fiction, the media.  What can it drive? Attention. Distraction and misinformation. One of its key uses is distraction. That attention might be the thing they need to pull of their Hail Mary. They have to rely on something prearranged. No comms, no control, no leverage. It almost has to be a mass poisoning or this alien crap or maybe both. They can’t really do the big bomb thing again, it’s a bit cliché.  People might notice.  For them, the only roll is media, mayhem and Hollywood.


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